4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Monday, January 3, 2011

It Can Only Get Better ... right?

So we have high hopes for 2011.  Big dreams of progress, health and happiness.  So far, the new year is starting out as a fuddy-duddy -- so, it can only get better, right?!  Andi is sick with a cold.  It's in her lungs, which has me worried, but, we also have to let it run its course too.  As great as her pediatrician is, I don't believe there's a magic wand he can use on her to make her instantly well.  Although, I wouldn't be all that surprised if he did have a trick up his sleeve.  In any case, I'm fighting it off too - so, we're laying low trying to get well without sharing it like the jackass that gave it to us. Andi and I slept in the recliner last night.  It reminded me of when she first came home and we spent a few nights in the recliner.  My thought process is to get her up off her back and elevated moreso than she already is in her bed.  I would think that would help her not pool junk in her lungs.  Plus, being close, seemed to help her sleep.

We did have one episode in the middle of the early morning, where I felt a rumble in her tummy.  I stopped and disconnected her feed pump, and moved her over to her contour pillow on the couch.  She was fussy.  I started to recognize the reaction.  Cry, pause, looks of discomfort, pause, cry, discomfort, on the verge of gagging.  I ran to get a vent tube.  I connected the vent tube to her Mic-E ["mickey"] (the g-tube tube) and watched the milk start to pour out of her stomach and up into the large open syringe (a 'venting tube').  Then the bubbles started to come out.  Venting allows the air in the stomach to release, and thus, the pressure to decrease.  As I went to get her something from the kitchen, when I came back, she'd taken the Mic-E into her hand and thus, dumped the venting tube upside down and all the contents out onto her contour pillow.  Therefore, I had to change the outfit, the contour pillow cover, the blankets.  Ah, good morning everyone! 

Due to the cold, we'll be laying off the bottling and probably the baby food too.  I don't want her to have to work when she feels bad.  Plus, I want her to rest as much as possible, so she can get well quicker.

2011 better hear my demands ... it can get better than this and it WILL!!!  It's one thing to piss off a Bean, but it's a whole different level to piss off the Bean's Momma!  So, here's to it 2011... health and happiness for all of us ... or else!

Here's the Bean all ready to ring in New Year's Eve, with 'Froggie'.  Due to her beloved G-Tube, this outfit only lasted five minutes after this picture was taken.

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  1. Happy New Year to the Bean family! Sorry it has to ring in with a cold! I am wishing you a healthy, healthy 2011!! :)