4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Thursday, November 14, 2013

CHARGE Through The Year - A 2014 Wall Calendar

A week and a half ago, while giving Andi a bath, I was struck with an idea -- a calendar featuring kids with CHARGE Syndrome to raise funds and awareness!  I quickly shot off a few emails to "friends-in-the-know" and asked for information.  After which, I was twirling my blond hair and realized, I'd better get some Mom's on board.  So, I private messaged the first 12 or so Mom's I could think of on Facebook, and sure enough, they all pretty-much jumped on board.  I researched, talked to a few more people, made some phone calls and before I knew it, CHARGE Through The Year 2014 Wall calendar was born!  Well, printed...

Cover Art Image

Interior Page, April

I put together a website (www.chargecalendar.com) where people can go buy the calendar using PayPal.  The calendar is $20., which includes shipping.  We have a Facebook page people can 'like!' and we're on Twitter!  The calendars should be here soon, next week - and I'll begin shipping all our orders out!  I really hope we can sell them all, and people enjoy them as much as I've enjoyed putting this project together.  Most of all, I hope people hang them in very public places where people can learn about CHARGE Syndrome, and see some of the gorgeous kids that are celebrated in the pages.  As I seem to keep saying lately, no parent whose child has a syndrome should ever have to hear from medical personnel, 'CHARGE Syndrome... what's that?!?'  It's my hope and ambition that through the course of many awareness campaigns, such as this calendar, future families will not have to hear such words uttered from the mouths of many. 

The holiday's are coming and I can't think of a better gift for people to have than the beautiful smiles contained inside this calendar!  If nothing else, Andi is Miss January!  So, buy one - buy a dozen... share the knowledge, share the smiles, and share this journey with me!