4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Thursday, January 6, 2011

for sale: g-tube, used

Anyone want to purchase a used g-tube?  We're pretty much hitting the wall on our love and severe hate relationship with the device.  Today, I shot a little bit of video of her g-tube, showing it leak, the redness and irritation. Sadly, we can't quite capture the smell for our scrapbook.

Andi and I worked on tummytime twice today, but the Bean was not having it at all.  I put her on her activity mat twice. Although she had fun reaching up playing with the toys dangling and kicking the piano at her feet, she would not roll over for me, at all.

She is rather whiney and really just wants to be held, which makes me think she still just doesn't feel well.

I wrote the letter.  Then, I went back and stripped it of all my anger, emotion and colorful descriptions of how nasty we've got it -- and there really isn't much left.  I seem to say the same thing over and over.  Maybe I'll mail it and maybe I'll just file it away.  It's really not that big of a deal, but it pissed me off.

I also put in her hearing aid today and we worked on the words, "No!", "No Touch!" and she even got the scoulding involving both her first name and middle name, which means 'you're in TROUBLE!'  It's going to take some time to learn this one though, as the temptation of yanking the dang thing out is apparently more enticing than a scoulding.  I hope when she's older she doesn't play the card, 'oopsie, I didn't hear you!'  Cuz that is something I would do. 

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  1. My eldest niece is deaf in one ear and used it to her teenaged advantage much to the chagrin of my brother. It was a useful tool for ignoring parental requests..."I didn't hear you" was a regular response. Now she uses it on her husband. ;-) She does get excellent sleep though...