4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Whoa... Irritable!

Andi and I are sitting here both completely irritable.  Neither of us feel good and perhaps others should feel our wrath.  Today's mail contained a letter from our insurance company denying us something really petty, yet, I'm so irritable, I need to vent it out before I misplace my irritability.  We've been to the wound care nurse twice, and have another appointment in a few weeks.  (Each appointment has a $20. co-pay, btw.)  They've been helping us with the skin around Andi's g-tube which is horribly, ...guess what, YES... irritated!  It's broken down and they are helping devise concoctions to help remedy that issue.  When we were in the hospital and having the leakage problem and thus, the, yes again, irritation -- a nurse brought us some stoma powder to mix with a lotion and create a barrier.  The wound care nurses we've seen have simply changed the lotions, not the powder.  So, when I asked the wound care nurse about getting more powder I asked if our pediatrician had to order it, and she said she could order it.  So, today's mail contains a letter from some total nincompoop girl whose name is comprised of two first names, whatever!, and she's saying that the stupid stoma powder is not covered.  Let me make it clear, I am far from a cheap person.  I may like to shop at Marshall's, but I am not cheap.  I'd definitely choose to go to Ruth's Chris for a night out over the Outback anytime.  I'm sure the stupid powder is under $10., and that isn't much.  But we all know that Ms. Nincompoop two-first-names nimrod probably doesn't even know was a 'gastrostomy' is... So, I can easily buy the stupid powder from the people we get the feeding supplies from, and we use so little of it ("a dusting on the really, really red parts"), that it's nothing.  But on principle and high irritability I sit here totally annoyed that my supreme health coverage and my nearly multi-million (we may be over it by now?), doesn't qualify for a stupid powder that is prescribed remedy for a stupid 'gastrostomy' (she wrote it out all formal!) ... and is needed because the damn thing leaks so much it's ruining her skin.  Let alone something I've had to make two separate, almost three trips in just to have it tended to. This level of leakage was DEFINITELY not in the brochure.  She's on her fourth outfit as of 5 p.m, third blanket, and despite washing her clothes through the two-rinse cycle -- it often still comes out stinking like the contents of her stomach that leak.  I'm so sick of it I could scream.  I recently got a massage because my back locked up from Bean patrol and deChristmasing the house.  The therapist mentioned one of those clown bags that are weighted at the bottom that you could punch, kick, hit, body slam and it'd still come bouncing back upright.  I could use one of those now, but I seriously doubt that resolve any of this irritability.  No, I don't think it'd help as I glance at this letter again and read the first line, 'This document serves as notice of an adverse benefit determination.'  WTF is that?!  'adverse benefit determination.' I'm sure this is the start of their form letter, but as smart and 'professional' as they're trying to read, they sound pretty dumb to me.  Why don't you talk or write to me like I'm a person, instead of your lawyeristic sounding b.s. that you're trying to sell me.  Corporate America and I have never seen eye to eye, because I don't think you should talk to your customers, clients or anyone like that, 'adverse benefit determination'... come on!!!  Maybe studying journalism got me writing too plain, 'fourth grade reading level' is what I was taught.  But, regardless of my writing style, I think corporate America needs to get back to basics and start talking and listening to the end-consumer, cuz you really come off sounding like a jackass.  And, last I checked miss two-first-names lame-o, I have been married for five years, so that would make me a Mrs. instead of a Ms.  Get a clue missy, because I think I'm about to write you a big ol' sarcastic letter of bitchery in response.  I'm just too stuck in this irritability to shake it off.  **Ooh - insert the psycho laughter here!**  The letter actually has a paragraph on 'Important Information about Your Appeal Rights.'  It's a $10. powder, if that... do I really want to stand on principle tonight?  Probably not.

Lastly, let me just share this tidbit of b.s.,
"Thank you for giving us the opportunity to review your request.  We appreciate your membership and look forward to serving your future health care needs."
I coughed "b.s." throughout reading that standardized line of crap, did you?

I guess I'll go chug some more hot tea and pretend it's a mai-tai and try to find my happy place.  I'd really just like to curl into a ball and sleep for three days, but I don't think the Bean, her leaky g-tube's lameness, and life will allow me that luxury.  No, instead I'll finally get out of my pj's and head down to the ol' KP pharmacy where I spend an awful lot of time, and pick up another refill.  Oh yea!!!

Here's a NON POLITICAL photo to savor... a gift from my wicked step-sister & step-b-i-l, and Andi thought it needed more color.  Hey, I could have added the one where she's fussing to get out of that chair and not looking too happy!  HAHHAA...

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  1. You should send Ms. Two-First Names a detailed photo of Andi's broken down skin, just so she knows exactly what gastronomy issues she's denying... Of course, she's probably just the messenger, working at her first clerical job, but that doesn't give her the right to be a bitch! Hugs!