4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Sunday, January 16, 2011

DUH... Idiotville

Today I decided Andi's remaining cold symptoms were gone enough for her to start eating.  So, we went for it with some watered down sweet potatoes.  I was told to water it down, so perhaps she would take in less air and thus, be less fussy after eating.  We used our sign-language words, 'eat', 'more', 'all done'...  She did really well and ate almost half a container.  Afterward, I put her up on my shoulder to work out any air we could, which really didn't work, but was worth a shot at reducing any fussiness. She was fussy for awhile, but not as long as she has been in the past. What I've come to realize from all this is that I'm an idiot.  I don't know what I've been thinking.  I always attributed Andi's post-feed fussiness to air in her tummy.  What I didn't even consider is perhaps going from sensitive stomach formula to full on food, without even 'building up' to it is insane.  It makes me feel horrible that my stupidity has made Andi suffer with several tummy aches.  So, we're going to lay off the 'real food' and start with the traditional basics, 'rice cereal'.  As dull as that sounds, it will probably have less impact on her sensitive stomach.  We'll work with both the bottle and a spoon.  After awhile, we'll start mixing in the real food with the rice cereal. Duh. I knew this in regard to changing something like dog food.  It's too hard on their stomachs to just up and change their food, I don't know why I didn't apply that knowledge to baby Bean too. 

We've redecorated our front room to make more space for Andi's stuff.  We've removed our coffee table so the floor is open to the activity mat, the bumbo seat, the vibrating/feeding chair.  It's a kiddo wonderland, and it's going to take some time to get used to it - that's for sure.  My thought process is that it will be easier to go from one activity to another, without having to rearrange everything to make room.  It's been suggested that we put Andi's contour pillow on the floor.  I tried it one morning, and hated it. I'll have to figure out something.  The contour pillow has been nice because she can be elevated and feed on it, instead of laying flat on the ground, or constantly sitting in the chair.

I've also noticed that Andi's 3 month one piece outfits, are getting a little too short for her.  She doesn't seem to be able to straighten her legs completely in certain outfits.  What stinks about that is I just bought her a few more of these and again, I was an idiot and bought the 3 month size.  DuH!  I should've bought the bigger size. 

Lastly, as much as I adore the Bean, I'm about ready to duct-tape the hearing aid in her ear.  She just won't grasp or accept the words, 'no!', 'no touch!'.  However, I noticed she will stare at me despite my urging, and grab the device out of her ear and pull it out, almost spiteful.  Maybe it's a payback for all the idiotic stuff I do.

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  1. Anna I have had many idiot m,oments and will have many more. Like the first time we gave Nolan a bath and went by the stupid "hot" thing on the bottom of the spongey thing. He screamed the whole time and froze his ass off.:("I" was traumatized. Then we "starved" him when he was about a month old thinking we had to just give him 2 ounces every few hours. ummm HELLO!! he was growing LOL and hungry. Then I didnt think he could crawl very fast and went to grab his bottle in the kitchen and he did a face plant crawled down a step into our sun room and cut his little chin on the wood floorand SCREAMMED bloody murder. Ya I felt good after that one...

    I think the Bean pulling out her hearing aid is hilarious...maybe your mom is chuckling now thinking how many times you didnt want to listen to her. Besides your doing a phenominal job in an often overwhelming time and anyone in your position would want their child to progress faster, it nature... you want the Bean to sprout!