4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Love Those Cheeks!

The Bean and I still feel like doo-doo.  Although I'm still steamed over that stupid powder denial, I haven't wasted the energy to deal with it, as there are more important things to do.  We need to work on Bean's torticollis, as she tilts her head to the left.  It had been getting better, but looks like with the holiday's...perhaps we got a bit lax on the therapy - because these photos show it well.  Yes, no holiday's for us!

Here's a photo of the Bean in her new seat, reaching for her feet which she recently discovered.  This seat also serves as her feeding chair, as it has her upright and head supported.

 Here's the Bean with one of her new best friend's, Froggie.  Froggie has a pacifier coming out of his mouth - and gives her something soft to hold onto.

This was shot today, when we tried carrots for the first time.  The bib was a gift from Poppa B and Ginga, as they love those cheeks!

The Bean ate about a half of a container of carrots, but then promptly got fussy.  I vented her g-tube twice, because she seems to swallow a lot of air in her eagerness to grub.  It took an awful long time for her to calm down.  After a short power nap, she regained the energy to fuss some more - so I determined we needed to skip a feed and let her tummy rest.  Due to all this fussiness, the area around her g-tube bled a bit, and is even more irritated and raw, as the stomach acid burns the skin. This ordeal really amplified my desire, in addition to Emily's urging, to respond to the powder denial with graphic pictures and an argument that should win me an award.  Part of me just wants to sass back and give 'em an good ol' 'oh-no-you-didn't', nuh-uh... and verbally bitch slap the idiots.  Yeah, I can hear my Dad now, urging me with his sarcastic one word, 'Chill!'  Enough said.

Well, it's nearing 8 o'clock, think it's time for us to wander down with a book and Froggie. We're pooped.

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