4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Buh-Bye Lasix! (7 Months Old)

"ding dong ... the lasix is GONE!"

Yippie!  Yippie!! Yippie!!!

Lasix is the diuretic Andi's been on since her month in the NICU, back in JUNE!  And today will be the first day without it.  That drug has been a major PITA, as pre-heart surgery it was a constant balancing act of how much dope to give her.  "Too wet" (meaning she had too much fluid on her) would cause the Bean to labor breathing.  "Too Dry" and she'd get, well, super dehydrated.  So, I envision the Bean putting on weight even quicker now that we're no longer stripping her of fluids. The Bean seems heavier and bigger to me. I picked up some newborn clothes, and even premie clothes, recently and can barely remember just how tiny our 'lil Bean was before she became the Butter Ball! 

She's eagerly taking a 1/2 oz of formula concoction (neocate + rice cereal).  She now has a new rocking chair/feeding chair.  It's a supportive seat in which she feeds, as a precursor to a high chair - as she still can't fully hold her own head.  My goal is to have her in this chair more often than not, as it gets her off her back and sitting upright, although supported.

The Bean is officially seven months old!  She's doing so much better now.  Given her first four months were spent laying in a hospital bed, she still has a lot of work to do, but each day we make more progress.

Today, we're going to see the wound nurse again, to follow-up on the broken down skin surrounding her g-tube.  Her major leakage happens during her overnight feed. She's waking up completely soaked, so I plan to write her dietitian to see about testing less food at night, to see if that reduces leakage.  Having to wash "bedding", in addition to all her costume changes, is really annoying!  I'm about ready to just have the dang the thing caulked.  HA!

So, now we're down to four med's.  We came home at the end of September on 11 med's. Now, we're on four.  WOWZA!  I have kept the medicine schedule, so we'll never forget where we've been.  Therefore, we'll always remember how far we've come.


  1. That's GREAT!! So happy for all of you :-) That is one strong little bean you have there!!

  2. Happy New Year, Anna. You have many good things coming in 2011! Lots of love, Shannon