4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Hangover

Andi Bean sucked down half a bottle (1/2 oz) this morning, and has been pitching a fit with a belly ache this afternoon.  I vented her g-tube for several minutes and watched the air come floating out.  She also had her 2nd dose of the flu shot today, so hopefully, it's not a reaction to that contributing to her bad mood.  Although, considering that the family has left, and it could be she's just pouting.

Apparently, in addition to rolling over (which I still haven't really seen - but others have), Andi has also discovered her feet - which is what her OT wanted from her.  YEA!

We've been unpackaging, cleaning and organizing all of the loot the Bean received for Christmas.  Now if she could just score us a bigger house to put all this crap in... things would be a little more comfortable. HAHHAA!  Since things have been a bit crazy, I have only a few photos taken in the past several days to share. 


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