4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Thursday, September 29, 2011


I've noticed since I snapped over a week ago, my fuse is rather short and my tongue is rather loose.  I have found myself dropping biting words, out of earshot, at anyone crossing my path who I feel has done me wrong.  Andi and I just ran up to the grocery store for a quick trip for two items.  I carried her in, because it was going to be a fast in-and-out, and because I don't think she's quite strong enough to hold herself on her own in the shopping cart. She might be, but, I want to get one of those protective shopping cart pads to help keep the germs away.  In any case, I find myself annoyed with anyone that doesn't yield to a Mom carrying a baby.  People are so self-involved and ignorant of the people around them, it makes me so mad, because if they don't pull their head out, they could bring danger to us.  So, I found myself muttering down the aisles, 'don't mind me, just carrying a baby here is all...'  I have so little patience for people and their self-absorbed stupidity.  Given what we've been through, I can only imagine these people have their own layers of hell going on, but, still, as a parent, my view has changed and any kid melts my heart.  They should come first.  The yield to pedestrians sign should really be a yield to an Andi Bean sign.  She should have the right of way.

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