4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Yesterday, Andi weighed-in at 7.37 kilos (16 lbs, 3.96 oz).  She spent the day releasing fluids.  Today, she weighed in at 7 kilos (15 lbs, 6.91 oz).  The dietitian thinks she has Andi's daily caloric needs figured out.  Andi is grossly underweight, so there's a need for extra calories each day to get her back up to where she needs to be.  Because Andi is not taking things into her stomach, they reduce that need a bit, because we typically burn 10% of our calories just by having our stomach process intake.  Then you figure how active she is, and you add some more.  It seems quite the undertaking to get her needs figured.  She is getting about 600 calories a day by TPN. 

Andi's cold is a really runny nose and last night, her cough was pretty intense. Now that she's rolling around, the cough is gone and it's just the snot monster lurking.  Sadly though, Andi has shared her cold with me, and probably her Dad too.  In speaking with a few hospital people, they too are feeling the ick.  Love that you go to the hospital to get sick.  Ugh.  I told the rounding team of residents & students to let me know if they want to babysit, cuz I need a nap!!!  Hopefully, Andi will allow that today!  It's not a comfortable nights rest sleeping in the hospital.  Imagine you're used to the Hyatt hotel, but staying in a super-dumpy Motel 6.  The mattress, the amenities, the crispy thin towels.  Then add in the hum of the hospital, the carts, beds, patients, nurses, Dr's walking by.  It's really no wonder why we're sick.  Rest is something you do at home, not here.

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