4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gearing Up For Surgery #6

Andi spent the majority of the day playing with her toys in her hospital crib.  She's been checked-in on by a variety of people and we're on the schedule to go back in for surgery tomorrow for the g-tube "revision".  They are going to close up the "malfunctioning" g-tube site and create a new one.  The procedure or the style of how the g-tube is put in is slightly different.  Only trouble is that in the next six weeks, if the button gets pulled out, it will require a trip to the ER, because the stomach will not be sutchered to the abdomen wall.  So, until it heals, the two holes will be essentially floating.  A little scary, but I think we can handle it.  Hope so, because my ER copay went up! Yikes!

Here are a few photos taken from my phone.  The first one is from yesterday and the other two are from today after getting her hair washed and a fresh outfit on.  We may be stuck here, but, that doesn't mean that we can't be a little styled!

Happy Bean and her central line (lame g-tube as well).

Russian Dancing in Bed

Bean Yoga
 So, we're on the docket for sometime tomorrow.  We aren't quite sure when, as it depends on if any trauma's come in through the ER tonight.  We could get bumped, but, we'll see. It could be 10ish, it could be in the afternoon.  All I know is that our surgeon came in today and I said, 'we're sick with colds' and he said, 'that's okay, I hurt my back!'  I later told a resident I hope he gets that feeling better because the last thing I want is him working on my girl and have back spasms or such.  Ugh.

Bean shocked me around noon and settled in for a four hour nap!  Horray!  It was a nice treat.  Luckily, we have the central line in so we won't have to endure four hours of Bean torture tonight to get pre-op lab work done.  No sir'ree... I think they are all aware not to mess with me or Andi.

Being sick, I haven't had the energy to sit and write down all the many suggestions to their protocol failures or annoyances on the receiving end of service.  I know the whole organize the blood draw in order of importance.  The other thing that really irritates me is having to pick up the phone and be buzzed in the doors to the wing.  Living here, I feel like they should give me a parental card that works while you're here so you can come and go as you please.  It's especially annoying when you come back from grabbing some food to eat in the room, and you've got to juggle into one hand your sandwich and soup, tucking your water under an armpit.  It'd be easier if they just hook me up with some sort of badge with very limited access.  That's fine. They shouldn't have to stop what their doing to buzz me in, and I shouldn't be left to feel like I'm putting them out trying to come back in.  Being here is hard enough, don't make me feel even worse about it.

So, tomorrow is another big day. Hopefully, it's our last trip to the OR... that would be a wonderful treat!

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