4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mastering TPN

I feel like I'm a nurse.  A nurse that hasn't had to take a single science class *woot!*  Yesterday, I was given my basic TPN lessons.  Today, I'm awaiting nurse Ron to come give more training on TPN.  This stuff is pretty intense.  I have to inject some vitamins into it, shake it, there's sterilizing the tips, flushing with saline, hooking up the TPN pack, running the program.  18 hours later... (which is any minute now), the machine will have finished it's cycle, including the ween this past hour.  Then I have to sterilize the tip, flush twice with two vials of saline, then flush with a vile of heparin (to keep the line open), then cap it shut until we start it again tonight at 8:30.  During those off hours, it would seem a good time to make a run to the store for more Tylenol or whatever else.  However, I can't do that just yet.  Not because we're awaiting Ron's arrival, but because I have had to wash all of Andi's covers, again.  The cover on her car seat, the cover to her high chair, the cover on her swing.  All were crunchy, having once been soaked by a puddle of Neocate.  Picking up Andi out of her swing this morning, I realized that she was wet, because that Neocate puddle hadn't yet dried.  I don't know why, but, let's just say the washing machine has been back on hardcore duty again today.

I had big dreams of a deep, deep sleep last night, but that didn't actually happen.  Once Andi finally fell asleep, I was able to relax a tad more, but I didn't sleep all that great.  It's a bit nerve wrecking to have her tethered to something all night.  She was a bit restless, as was I.  Maybe tonight we'll both sleep better, having finally adjusted to being back home in our regular space.  I hope so, as I'm absolutely exhausted.

So, adding TPN to my resume as Nurse Mom.  It's a short stint working with it, but, I'm sure I will quickly master it.

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