4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Readmitted into Doernbecher's

Andi has been readmitted into Doernbecher's for dehydration.   Her labs showed not the worst levels of dehydration she has endured, but serious enough to warrant hospitalization.  Her g-tube is really the cause of this, due to *Charlie Sheen voice* 'LEAKAGE, ...DuH!!!'

The meeting went fairly well, however, the results aren't magical.  They feel that this is not a failure of anything or anyone, but an undesired outcome.  I call it all horseshit, and I'm still not placated.  It's a failure of Andi and I was able to state that many times.  So, gastric mucosa is not something they see very often.  Lucky for us, we get to experience it! It is not a result of pulling the button or balloon taut, although I still plan to ask the new surgeon about it. Basically, they want to stitch up the hole (the hole in the stomach, and then the hole in her skin), and place the g-tube in a separate spot.  The surgeon wants to put in an NJ (nasal tube to the intestines) while the holes heal - and help her put some weight back on.  I have a load of questions to ask the surgeon... First though, we are doing a new swallow study tomorrow at 11:30.  This way if by some serious change of luck that Andi is no longer aspirating... maybe we could just stitch it up and use hunger to start her feeding... but... that's step one.  If they do the g-tube surgery, they will also do the ear tubes and scope her nose again under the same anesthetic. 

In any case, we're in one of the last two wings of this hospital we have not yet been in.  Maybe that's a good sign.  Coming in, the kid next door was screaming and crying, "I want my Mommy!"  I cried all the way to the hospital, so I almost joined him in unison.  This is a hard that no parent should have to endure, repeatedly.  Our situation could be worse, but, it doesn't make it any less difficult to deal with tough times.

I have to call tomorrow to see what is left on our hospitalization co-pay.  That would be good to know.  In the meantime, we sit here and wait for her IV, wait to be reweighed (she was 14 lbs this morning. Down from 14 lbs, 15 oz's only two weeks ago.), wait to speak to the Dr., and wait for Daddy Bean to arrive.  We're all a bit fried and frazzled.  Calgon!!!

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