4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weight Fluctuations

Andi's weight is bouncing around.  Yesterday morning she was 13 lbs., 134 oz's, this morning, she's 12 lbs., 12 oz's.  Hey, a girl can retain water!!!  Seriously, her electrolytes have been a bit wonky, and she hadn't been urinating well.  Things seem to be better now, as she has stopped puking. Prior to stopping the leak, she was losing 25-30% of her feed.  Now that we've pulled up the g-tube and stopped the leak, she's getting the full feed.  They had bumped up her overall volume an additional 5 ml per feed, and Andi's tummy seemed to revolt the full amount.  We've since reduced her to where she was, and the vomiting hasn't occurred.

Her pediatrician was on duty again last night and in speaking with him this morning, it sounds like he feels that she's stabilizing and on track to go home.  We'll see what the daytime Doc. has to say.  It's been rather fun to see all our nurses... they seem rather smitten with the Bean...so although I can't wait to collapse in my bed, we will miss socializing with our nurse friends. Our daytime nurse gave Andi a bath yesterday, and then bathed her in olive oil - head to toe.  Andi's skin has been rather dry.  Part from dehydration, but the air in here is super dry as well.

When we are released, I will quietly celebrate not having blood draws at 5 a.m. that induce horrific crying out of my little one.  The type of cry that makes a Mom want to utilize cardio-kickboxing experience in order to protect and defend the kiddo.  Turbo Jam some serious butt.  I just hope she is deemed all better and we're finally dismissed.

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