4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Helium Balloons

Yesterday, Andi's nurse bought Andi a helium balloon.  I'd mentioned that I wanted to get her one, but forgot...and the next thing I know... voila!  She also mentioned that she has never bought a patient something before.  That's the lure of my lil' charmer.

Andi's weight has been floating around like her helium balloon.  Up one moment, and then with a little tug, it comes down.  Yesterday was 13 lbs., this morning, we're back down to 5.88 kilos... hold the google... I'll spare you - as I already looked... it's 12.94 lbs.  We had our regular routine occur again this morning.  Andi wakes with a bit of a cough, then spits up.  I vent her bubbles, and she's good for a few... then we have a bigger vomit.  I vent her and get a gazillion more bubbles out of her.  Then we change her bedding and outfit, and the nurse calls Panda.  Well today, Panda wasn't available.  I think the word has gotten out that I am ready to have a Panda smackdown, as I told quite a few people yesterday.  So, the nurse asked who I wanted - cuz she's good like that.  I said IV therapy, or that NICU said that if I ever needed a draw, to call them as they specialize in tiny babies.  So, she called NICU and the nursery crew came for Andi.  I fled to Starbucks and took my time.  When I came back into the room, they were done and getting ready to leave.  I thanked them, and they said, 'sure, call us anytime.'  Me, being the true dork I am, put my hand on the lady's shoulder and said, 'uhm, honey, I'm sorry - but I don't want to have to call you again.'  Everyone gave the courtesy chuckle and she said she was speaking to the nurse.  I continued to share that pre-heart surgery, after a night of everyone and their brother trying to get an IV in the Bean, NICU came and got it and told us that if we ever need help getting a vein, to call them.  I was a bit surprised when one of the two gals said, 'oh yeah, I remember that... that was me and April.'  Wowza, this hospital is huge - and yet, so super small.  After they left, then we weighed the Bean, redressed her and got her settled back into cozyville, USA.  The lights go off, the feeding pump is restarted, she's cuddling Froggie and she promptly starts snoring again.  She'll sleep for another hour or so, whereas, I'll likely head back down to Starbuck's for a refill -- finally getting hip to the $.50 refill if you bring your cup back... DUH... (how much money have I wasted this week?! -- not to mention cups... please, don't tell the hippies! Last thing I need is a protest about my wasteful ways.)  In any case, yesterday morning I went to the gym during this time - but today, I didn't have any gym clothes.  *sarcastic* 'Shucks!'

We're supposed to go home today.  We'll see what her labs this morning show, but as of yesterday, her sodium was still low and her electrolytes wonky.  I was supposed to give her some pedialyte yesterday by mouth, whatever she'd take between feeds.  As they believe she is still a bit dehydrated.  Between sleeping, feeds, and going out to dinner, I was only able to get 1 oz. down her.  At least it's something.  I'm wondering if we'll maybe work the polycrack (Polycose) back into her formula - to make it 30 calorie again.  The nurse said as active as she was yesterday, she's probably burning up a ton of calories.   Still, with the leak plugged... the Bean should be trending-upward quicker.  "Trending upward?"  OMG... you know I've been here way too long when I start using the jargon.  Maybe instead of eating this rather blah Starbuck's "I think it's supposed to be a scone" scone, I should throw it in the Cuisinart with some Burgerville and throw that in Andi's feed bag.  Hey, it's working for my waistline... which means it'd probably work for Andi's waistline too.  We need to figure out something, as Andi turned 10 months yesterday, and she needs to get her weight up.  The up and down motion like her helium balloon isn't working.  It needs to stay up, and continue to rise.

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