4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sore Teeth ... mine

While Andi delighted in the company of Grandma, I got to endure the sadistic tendencies of the dental hygenist.  What kind of job is that to aspire to? Does a high school junior dabble with the thoughts, "I like to scrape the gunk off of peoples teeth, and get their gums bleeding really bad."  I just don't see how that can be a popular career choice with the guidence counselor in high schools today. Luckily for me, this lady was rather nice and I educated her a bit on CHARGE Syndrome, as I missed my previous six month appointment because the bean was in the hospital.  Another person informed of CHARGE, only about a billion more to inform.  I still don't have my 'what is it?' monolog perfected, and find I stumble explaining what it is...something to work on in my copious free time.

I was looking forward to washing down my 'oh my teeth hurt' glass of wine with some delish spaghetti and meatballs, all while watching people sweat it out and cry about it on The Biggest Loser.  To my horror, I looked at the cable guide to find that they've preempted the show with the Blazer game.  Now, I'm a big Blazer fan, but ding-dang... I was itching to watch people work hard, while I sat here on my fat couch and savored the sweet smell of garlic. Why do they punish me?!

So, with my clean, sore teeth...Andi sits in her swing with her best friend Froggie, pretty content for now.  I hope tomorrow is a little easier to digest, and more productive toward Andi's therapy homework, i.e. 'tummy time', sitting up, and maybe even learn some more sign language.  I've recently learned a few words having the disc playing for Andi.  She didn't even glance at the TV, whereas I perked up to learn a few signs that I can use... 'Mommy!'  'Daddy!'  'Grandma!', etc.  I'm trying to use them wherever we can.  Would help to get her hearing aid in and get to stay in for longer periods of time.  She's just so stubbornly hell-bent on yanking the dang thing out.  Kinda reminds me of ... me.

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