4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Another Step Forward, Another Step Back - Andi turns 9 months old!

So, yesterday, we went to see Andi's Dr., whom, we honestly see way too much of.  Love him, but, dang... I see more of him, and the pharmacy, than I see my friends. It didn't help that I felt like death warmed over.  In any case, let's start out with the positive news.  Andi had her first actual poop.  I know, that's gross, and I'm not trying to be funny, but honestly, that is how you judge a lot of stuff...based on the poo.  The Doc's and students at the hospital agreed with me on that... so there, it's medical and therefore, not gross.  So, she's had a couple little turds from her day of solid foods.

However, her Dr. is concerned about her weight gain plateau.  She's been weighed three times in February, and is still not up to 13 lbs.  She's only putting on a few oz's at a time.  Keep in mind, we've added Polycose to her formula, to increase the calorie intake.  She should be packing on pounds.  She is however, growing in length and head circumference. 

Height:  2' 2" (8.10%)
Weight:  12 lbs, 13 oz (0.04%)
Head Circumference:  16.26" (1.44%)

So, we stopped the Reglan and started the other medicine that helps flush food out of the stomach into the intestine, Erythromycin.  It's also an antibiotic.  We are supposed to take this for a week, and then reweigh.  Her Dr. is concerned enough about her weight that he suggested putting her back in the hospital to monitor leakage, try to increase,  speed up the process of seeing the GI specialist, and come up with a new game plan. So, we have a week or two to determine if we can increase her weight, else she's going back in.  I also pointed out that it's a new year... which means, our hospitalization co-pay starts all over.  That means, $300. a day, up to $1500. per hospitalization stay, with a cap of $2000. for the year.  While that is not bad, at all... it's still a lot of money.  So, we'll be pushing every calorie we can into our lil' Bean with the hope of not accruing more debt.  Plus, I can't imagine Andi not being in her bed next to me at night.  I'm too attached now, and I don't think I could leave her up at the hospital by herself anymore.  She's much more alert and aware now, she'd notice being on her own and wouldn't like it.

She has the same cold, but luckily, it hasn't attacked her like it has me. I honestly haven't felt this bad in a decade.  It's time for it to go already.

So, think fatty thoughts for our Bean!


  1. I hear you about the new year and new copay. We have that 2000 number for both in and out patient. We've already hit it for outpatient. It really gets expensive.

    I love love love the new pictures of Andi. She is adorable and always makes me smile.

  2. Fatty prayers comming your way!!!

  3. Yay for poops! Erythromycin was always prescribed for me when I had bronchitis, so maybe it will help keep the icky cold from getting to her lungs?? I will keep my fingers crossed for a big weight-gainin' week! Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i also like the new photos of andi on your blog. glad to have the energy to write to keep your village informed. take care and hugs.