4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Friday, March 4, 2011

Seperation Anxiety

So far, the Erythromycin doesn't seem to be doing diddley squat.  The leak continues. A few people I've spoken with suggest that going back into the hospital might be a good thing, as it might get us a step closer to getting rid of the g-tube.  I guess I'd like to remain in denial that there could be a problem, and just keep my Bean home.  Plus, we leave on a red-eye Friday, April 1st - there will be NO disruption to our plans for a vacation, a trip to see Poppa B and Ginga.  I will play golf with my Dad. I will enjoy some SE sunshine. I will be living high on the hog in New Orleans, while the Bean gets spoiled rotten by her grandparents.  Yeah, I really don't want to preface our first vacation with mini-stay at the hospital.

Andi's eating really well, and I've started a food journal to showcase what she's been eating orally, when, and if/when she spits up.  She's been spitting up more, just like she did early in the week last week.  Don't know if that's getting used to the new medicine, a digestion issue, gas build-up from eating orally, her cold and its post-nasal drip, or maybe the food is too rich.  Maybe if the GI specialist got off their duff and got us in to see them, we could start to narrow down that list of options.  I'm usually a patient person, but I'm starting to lose patience waiting on them. 

I've figured out a few things on her oral feeds.  I used to think that when she stopped opening her mouth, she was done.  However, I've come to find that if I give her a minute or two, she'll start up again.  Or, if I give her a couple sips of water, she'll start back up on the food.  I've also been trying to offer up more than one flavor too.  So, she seems to be eating more volume for me now, she's definitely eager.  She sits up well in her new high chair.

So, we'll go see the Dr. again on Monday and see how her weight is doing.  I'll bring her food journal and my denial, and we'll see what he concludes.  If she does move back in, maybe I'll get one of our plush suites, so that I can stay with my Bean too.  I can't imagine not hearing that chatterbox all day, or getting those first morning smiles.  I think only a New Orleans mini-break can separate me from my Andi Bean.

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