4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Yesterday afternoon, we checked out of the posh resort that is Doernbecher's, and drove under the speed limit home.  I think I was so incredibly tired, I knew I needed to take it slow.  After getting unpacked, laundry started, and vacuuming the hair of a shedding Mad off the floor, we settled in for a movie night.  The Bean konked out around 8, worn out, on the arm of her Dad.  Settled. Relaxed. Home.  Apparently, I snored like the spirit of a fight at a hockey game.  Maddux clinging to my side.  Andi puked once around 2:30.  I vented and got a build-up of bubbles out of her.  Apparently, any subsequent cough had me hopping up and checking on her.  Regardless, I still slept hard. Her gerry-rigged g-tube raising material had wiggled out and she awoke soaked like the good ol' days.  I'll have to figure out a way to better secure the lyofoam and gauze. Sadly, I can't help mourn the loss of much needed calories.  In any case, the goal of the day is to get her back onto our regular schedule.  Since we finished her overnight feed late, I've started her first morning bolus a half hour late, but am going to run it over a longer period - so she's more likely to tolerate it.  We have much work and organizing to do before we fly out late Friday night.  Andi lays on her princess pillow with Froggie, making her goat noises - or is that a lamb?  I'll try to capture it on video soon.  As well as her gerry-rigged g-tube.

At any rate, we're home.  Just in time to get rested and ready for our trip!

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