4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Inspired And Thankful!

When I can, I have been trying to catch-up on the blogs of other Mom's with kiddos with CHARGE.  It's been very inspiring to read their experiences, struggles, but more importantly, witness their strength and resolve.  I think the thing I find most comforting and encouraging, is seeing someone just like me going through similar trials and tribulations.  I think it makes me feel less isolated and alone, as here are people that can totally relate to all of it, and thensome. It's an honor to read their blogs.  I am thankful for the glimpse into their lives, and appreciate it more than they know.  Ladies, you inspire me.

Andi's getting weighed again tomorrow morning.  So, we'll see what the game plan is...
I did remind our Dr. of our vacation departure plans.  I warned that I didn't want to get arrested breaking the Bean out of the hospital so we could catch a flight.  I've had visions of paging him and asking him to bail me out of jail -- him staring down at the phone in disbelief of what I ask...  Yes, I have weird thoughts sometimes...   ...so what?!    So, anyway, he's aware of our plans and promised that if we go back to Doernbecher's... it will not interfere with our trip!  It was 87 degrees in Alabama yesterday, uhm yeah... there will be NO disruption of our vacation!

Lastly, just wanted to shout out a big ol' THANKS! for the various comments left by all.  They all mean a lot to us, and we appreciate it. I've tried to leave a few on other blogs, and they don't make it very easy.  Pick a profile... yeah, whatevah!  Anyhow, thanks for the support.  **Andi blows a raspberry!**


  1. i love yiu and i love reading about you all its dead easy you jsut sign into b logger and u use to google profile to coment hugs ellen in aus

  2. Hi!
    I just spent a quick bit reading up on your sweet Andi Bean! :-)
    I loved reading your writing... the bit about the dentist and the Biggest Loser cracked me up.

    Hope today's weigh in goes well (my daughter, Gracie, is a Neocate girl, too...) and that your vacation (what's that, anyway... just curious!) plans go off without any bailouts required!

    Looking forward to following your world...