4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stay-In, Carry-In -- The Weekend Report

So, most of the four months that Andi was in the hospital, we usually ended up grabbing some dinner out on the town.  Frankly, at the end of a long day -- wiped out, neither of us felt much like cooking.  We usually would race home to feed the dog, then head out for some easy meal out on the town, and honestly, a large glass of wine to mellow the soul.  We said when we got Andi Bean home, we'd start cooking and eating leaner, cleaner, portion control in check.  And although I've cooked a few meals this past week, mainly because I miss cooking, this weekend has been all about carry-in's or delivery. 

I've spent my weekend trying to be sure that all ducks are in a row to blow hair back and part it on the work front. I figure one way I can thank my bossman and customers for their continued support, is to give them 110% to make their jobs as easy as possible.  I hope I succeed. The house is an experiment with dog-hair bunnies, clutter and unfinished laundry.  The semi-retired clean-freak within is starting to itch, but, my priorities are lined-up, and sadly, those chores aren't ranking as high as they once used to rank.  Tonight, we carry-in dinner yet again.  Oh's-a-well.

The Bean is doing well.  She's had some tummy aches this weekend, but nothing that we can't deal with.  We've switched her formula from a 50/50 combo (High-On-The-Hog -vs- Semi-High) to a 75/25 mixture.  I don't suspect this change as the cause of the stomach aches, as the 'cramps' occurred prior to the formula change.  I think all the med's I inject, plus all the air she ingests in taking a bottle or sucking vigorously on her "pacie"... I think she has a build-up of air that even her gas-med's can't touch.  That, or the heavy med's are giving her stomach aches.  Who knows?  All I know is that when she cries and seemingly says, 'Oueuw!' it breaks my heart that she's hurting.

She's sleeping now, and I'm going to have to wake her soon and keep her awake for several hours, otherwise, I fear we'll get one of those night's where she doesn't want to sleep more than a few hours.  I need her to sleep tonight, thus, I will manipulate her sleep schedule to work with me. Sounds kind of mean, but I also selfishly want some quality time with a Bean in my arm, so I can talk to her and let her know how loved she is!  It's so wonderful to have her home!

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  1. All those meds and they don't have her taking a baby Bean-O? Hugs and love to you guys! <3