4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Back Up & Running

I felt I should ask permission to share our day, as I hear we have readers from all over.  Thus, out of respect to the whole dang family, I have to watch my typing. So, I sit here with my editor filter in the "on" position, and I was cleared to share a edited glimpse of our most interesting day yesterday.

Yesterday marked our 5th wedding anniversary.  Five years.  Wowza, where has time gone?  My side of the family has been with us this week, while we march thru Andi's surgery, together.  Well, yesterday morning we were going to get up early, go out to breakfast and then head up to the hospital to spend our day bedside of the sedated Bean.  Our day did not work out that way, at all.  Oh no, not even close.  I came downstairs to start to get ready for the day to find water coming through the ceiling above our washer & dryer.  Pouring through from the bathroom upstairs. I yelled, in my own tried and true ultra feminine style (that's sarcasm for those whom don't really know me), and the man hopped to with towels, to try to soak up the water as it came cascading down.  I ran upstairs to the bathroom, again, using my very special vocabulary, and tried to see what was causing the leak.  I plunged the toilet, filled with water, and it would not go down like a good lil' bowl full of water.  And I looked into to bathtub to find it was starting to back up too.  Freaking out, we called our bestest contractor friend to come advise us useless homeowners whom have very few 'fix-it' skills.  He came and checked it out and said, 'call Roto-Rooter'.  We did.  Well, at the start of a holiday weekend, staffing was apparently a little underdone, so we waited, and waited, and waited.  Well, the boys ended up waiting and the girlie girls went to calm down by spending time with our zen-inducing Bean.

Long story short, our neighbor has a Laurel tree and its roots have grown a glorious ball inside our extremely old sewer line.  A 1924 house was not built with a sewer trap where you can access the line from the side of the house.  Oh no.  That'd be too easy!!!  The dill weed that showed up (from Salem - about 50 miles south of here), had to call for back-up, because he didn't want to get on our roof solo.  The manly-man, a.k.a. 'back-up' plumber, hopped up on the roof, accessed our line from a vent and they were able to clear a good chunk of the roots so that our plumbing would work.  However, our super duper fix-it friend is coming next week to install a big ol' sewer trap next to our house so they can come back within two weeks with the bigger blade to clear more roots out.  Doesn't that sound like fun?! But the problem is fixed for the most part, the effected areas have been cleaned, sanitized, sterilized.  The jokes about marriage and plumbing problems have started to become old.  But, what a most memorable 5th wedding anniversary.  The man and I went out for a spectacular dinner at Ruth's Chris.  We have a tradition of trying out the different steakhouses on special occasions and discuss who we think is the best and why.  My filet was the best I've ever had... but I think we liked the overall, we like El Goucho (or as I lovingly refer to as, 'el gauge-o the wallet-o'.)
best.  Then we went out for a glass of wine at Noble Rot, where we ran into a Bean-loving fan,  Kari. Halfway through our glass of wine, it was determined that we both really wanted to see the Bean, so by 9 p.m. we were on our way up to the hospital.  It was a true celebration then, as we are incomplete without our Bean.  If only the Mad-dog could have been there, it would have perfect.  We didn't stay long, but were able to spend a few quiet precious minutes with our butter bean.

As for what you'd really rather read about, how's she doing?!  This morning I took my parental unit to see her prior to taking them to the airport to catch their flight home.  When we walked in, a plain-clothes Dr. we haven't met was tending to the Bean.  Turns out he's one of the surgeon's, and he was going to take a tube out of her heart.  I haven't written graphically about all she has going on other to say that she has a lot of tubes coming out of her.  There are quite a few tubes & wires, and they will pull them out as she gets better and no longer needs them.  It is my understanding that they will close like an earring hole closes, obviously much faster than that.  So, she had one tube removed today, and will have another one removed from her heart tomorrow.  The attending today said that slow and steady with our Bean is the way to go.  We need to slowly take her off of stuff as to not stress her at all.  During rounds this morning, which had my brain oozing out of my ears, and I honestly felt my IQ dropping as I did not understand 98% of what they said, they determined that they are going to work on getting her off the intubator.  So, soon, she will be breathing on her own again.  They say she's doing great.

So, we're back up and running ... in more ways than one.  Bean is doing great, our home is still intact, and we're trucking onward & upward toward a full recovery.


  1. Your home always knows when you need a little comic relief. Glad to hear Andi is doing so well, Anna.

  2. big hugs so glad shes doing well she is such a sweetie

  3. it hardly seems fair that other "crappy" life stuff still goes on. glad you had back-up and got the domestic side back on track. and, happy anniversary!