4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Homecoming!

The Bean is finally home.  We checked in on what, August 4th, and out on September 17th.  May it be the final hospitalization, p-u-h-l-e-a-z-e?!  As much as we like all of our Doernbecher's friends... we'd prefer to be full-time parents -- inconvenienced, sleep-deprived, spit-up on, and trying desperately to calm an angry baby.  You know, NORMAL parental duties.  Please allow us this honor.

The Bean almost had another night's stay.  They've combined the Ativan and Methadone, increasing its dosage - but making it every eight hours, instead of every six hours.  They almost kept her overnight to oversee this dosage adjustment, which I totally understand, however, I started to voice my frustration as this new 'hiccup' -- and the doc's stood down, fearful of stirring a mad Bananna (me).  **silently laughing**  I'm a rather non-confrontational person, but I had to point out that I'm more competent at the Bean's care than some of the peeps working there at the hospital.  TRUTH!  There's a tad of nervousness on my part that she'll get through the first six hours of her dosage and then start to itch and be inconsolable, but again... I signed up to be a parent.  I don't mind being inconvenienced if it means having my full family together under one roof.  My family is finally together, and tonight marks her 16th week ... four months old.  I think we're due for a happy homecoming.  May this homecoming just last for the rest of our lives!!!  Okay, at least until she turns into an unruly teenager who hates her Momma!  Then we'll ship her off to one of her glorious Auntie's for attitude rehabilitation, manners 101, and spa treatments.  Afterall, she's been through enough in her first four months!  ;0)

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