4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Sunday, September 19, 2010


It's football Sunday, insert eye roll here, but Andi is enjoying siesta in her Dad's arm while he cheers on his team.  She's sweating up a storm right now, and her next Lasix dosage is coming up.  This morning we awoke with a snotty sounding nose and a bit of a cough. I tried to suction it, but half-awake and out of it, I got nothing.  By the time we got her upstairs (still a two person chore), and I got her propped up on her couch seating, with time, the snot-nosed cough seemed to calm down.  Tonight I will prop up her head and shoulders even more so in her 'newborn sleeper', see if that helps.

She seems to be working a bit harder on her breathing today, but will see if this next dosage of Lasix helps her.  She's had what I consider to be some tummy aches, and I would assume that it has something to do with a her med's.  She gets four med's at 7 a.m., three med's at 8 a.m., that seems like a lot of junk to throw down into a small, sensitive tummy in an hour. 

We finished our first O2 tank that we took home from the hospital.  It's a portable tank that comes on a little dolly.  However, they only gave me one 'regulator' - which is the piece that attaches to the top of a tank that has the gauge and dial-a-dosage.  So, I'd have to take her off O2, change the regulator, plug it in and get her back online with her oxygen.  I asked for another one, and they're going to send me another one -- although I'll have to pay for it.  I don't care.  This way I can leave a tank downstairs and have one upstairs and remove a bit of the hazard of being tethered to yet another machine.

At the grocery store today, I ran into our local firemen and asked the Lieutenant about where to call to report that I have the atomic bomb of O2 in my house.  Notifying the fire dept. is a recommendation on the paperwork given to me.  He was a little surprised at my question, but took my info., and said he'd call it into dispatch and add it to the info. they already have on us. Several months ago I called in and 'hazzard-flagged' our house, notifying emergency services that we have a wee-one that'd just come out of the NICU.  But that was SO June 2010... doh!

Slowly but surely we're getting settled into life at home.  Tomorrow will be our first outing.  I have one of our small portable tanks all ready to go.  However, I quickly learned when she was home last time, that it's a massive production to go anywhere.  Add into the normal baby stuff like a stroller, car seat, diaper bag, baby carrier front-pack, we also get to travel with a backpack with her feeding pump, about forty changes of clothes because of the G-Tube leaking, and a backpack of O2.  How fun!  It's a big chore, but it'll get easier as we adjust.

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  1. Where's the giraffe?? Love the posts and the pics, so glad she is home for you!How is Maddux with all of this??