4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sleeping Bean

Andi & I were up at 5 a.m. with the whole howling, crying, 'how could you leave me sleeping by myself for so long', typical early morning hissy-fit.  I know when I'm awakened at 5 a.m., I tend to want to do the same thing, but, Andi Bean does it with flair.  So, I'm trying to calm Princess pouty-pants when I hear someone say something.  I think, 'wow, some people walking by on their way to the park at this hour, ...that loudly?'  Not even half-awake, I dismiss it as such and go back to trying to calm the Bean when I hear it again, and again.  Andi continues to cry.  I look to the changing table near by pillow as the location of this mysterious sound.  Groggy, I wonder if that book has a sound chip in it?  No, it doesn't.  Did I accidentally turn on the sound in her bed?  I glance at the control panel for the bed, nothing is on.  What the hell is that?!  It's definitely not people walking by talking loudly.  I keep looking and looking in the direction the noise seemed to be coming from, but can't locate it.  Meanwhile, the Bean is still howling in one ear and then I hear it... "Anna, are you there?"  "Is everything okay!?"  I think, "what?!?"  Hidden underneath Andi's backpack of food, I find the mysterious source of sound... my phone.  My apologies to my Dad for the scare, instead of butt dialing him, we backpack dialed him.  Oopsie.  Sorry Poppito!

Andi got all dolled up and we strolled into Doernbecher's, as visitors!  We got there early enough to hit up Starbuck's, where shockingly, we got in line behind one of our nurses from 10N. It amuses me how many people I recognize there now, if only I could remember all their names!  Anyhow, the Bean and I went up and got an x-ray, an EKG, and met with our cardiologist.  Essentially, her x-ray looked good, but he doesn't want to change anything up just yet.  We're still on the O2, and still on all the dope.  The hard two meds we'll be weened off in the next two weeks, but that still leaves us with five or six other med's to devour each day. TREAT.  You know it's a lot when you hand the schedule to the nurse and she says all on her own, 'wow, that's a lot!'   Anyhow, he thinks she looks good, looks bigger, but wants her to essentially grow out of these med's, instead of taking them away.  They do want to add some sodium chloride to her night feed, because the diuretics are making her sodium level slightly low.  Yea, another prescription!  The only other piece of news we came away with is that the Bean lost a little bit of weight since her last weigh-in -- last Thursday.  She's now 4.5 kilos or 9.9 lbs.  So, she's lost a bit of weight...blame it on the diuretics.  Maybe a little salt in her formula will help her get over that 10lb Butterball Turkey mark.

We're not sick yet... I keep hoping we'll both stay healthy. She sleeps, and I yawn. 

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