4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Working On A System

I'm avoiding my work project for a moment... so I can update the blog.  I actually googled 'bumbo seat' and think I have one that was passed-down to me, I just didn't know what it was.  I will try that and tummy time as well -- later today after this feed digests, but before the next one. I have to take the mic-e (the g-tube's actual tube) out, and so she'll almost have a flat tummy that won't mess her g-tube up moreso, I hope.  Thanks for the suggestions ladies!!!  ;0) 

This morning we dropped Maddux off at the daycare by my house.  I worry about his elbows, as they have him playing fetch all day.  His arthritis has been bothering him lately... time to step it up on his etodolac (anti-inflammatories).  Yes, the dog has med's too, yea!  Hopefully he's having lots of fun!  It's sunny out, so Andi and I are going to walk down there after 5 and go "pick him up".  Should be interesting.

This morning, we also had to run to the Kaiser pharmacy again because two of Andi's med's were needing to be filled.  I figured out a new method, throwing the smallest O2 tank in a small sports backpack, and straping her in her front-loaded carrier... threw the purse over a shoulder, and we took off... it worked out pretty well for the short trip.  Then I had to throw her back in the truck, well, not throw her, but delicately place her in her carseat...hahhaa... and then since we were out, we decided to hit up the grocery store for one small bag's worth of goods.  Again, I strapped the O2 tank on my back.  Strapped the Bean to the front.  Threw my super cute, but not very handy purse somewhat over my shoulder, and luckily had the forethought to grab a canvas bag to pack the groceries in, as our local store is only doing paper bags and they have no handles.  Talk about having your hands full... I would have to use a cart and ewh, I hate using the cart.

So, we did it.  We raced back home and got the bean's lunch going about a 1/2 hour late, and now that she has some food going into the belly, she's not so displeased with me.  Apparently, the Bean doesn't like to wait... hmmm... wonder where she got that from?!  HA!  These little trips will hopefully give me more confidence to do bigger trips, like tackling Costco.  Well, that might be a bit too ambitious, but least I know we can handle the pharmacy and the grocery store for a short period out.

Breaktime is over... must get back to the work project, especially now that the Bean is on her way back into another snorefest.  One thing she wouldn't let me enjoy early this morning.  *insert pouty face here.*  Maybe I should start going to bed at 7 p.m., so when she's ready to get up at 4, I can at least pry my eyes open.  Soon, we will be done with 2/3 of the midnight medicines.  Maybe then we can reconfigure the med schedule so I can snore for a few more hours disruption free.  Okay, less dreaming, more workie-work.  Yikes, I think I require more coffee first.

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