4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Parenting 101

I've been getting feedback from different healthcare professionals & social workers about how impressed they are with me as a parent.  I can't help think that they must see some pretty crappy parents on their home visits.  I mentioned something about that to the most recent complimenter... and she agreed and elaborated on some of the poor parental conditions she's encountered.  So, although that should boost the ego, it doesn't really.  There are things I wish I had more time to work on with our Bean: bottling, sitting upright, tummy time, story-time.  There never seems to be enough hours in the day, even though our day starts at 4:30.
I met with the nurse today whom we might have come help us out, but she just took a job and is only available on Monday's and every other weekend.  I also spoke with the KP social worker and learned that because Andi isn't home-bound, we don't qualify for an in-home health nurse.  Another dead end.  Frustrating.  However, since the Bean has been coming off med's, we're considering lessening our medical requirements.  Pretty soon, we might have to start tapping the street people who sashay down the middle of the street with their shopping cart, swilling a beer.  I think the Bean could be a great influence on them, and hey, least it won't cost us the equivilent of a mortgage payment for them to help us out.  HHAHAA.. didn't I state in the previous paragraph, how I've received a few compliments about my parenting skills?!?  'y-e-a-h, whatevah!'

Tomorrow we have Early Intervention coming to meet us and assess services & therapies Andi will need to enroll in.  Between them and the conference call with the nutritionist, I hope to get some ideas on how we can make the bleachy-chemical-stench formula appeal moreso to the Bean, as she is no longer taking the bottle.  Feeding, balance & hearing... those are obstacles we know we still face. 

I called to have the provider come pick up all the O2 tanks today, including the atomic bomb.  They said they haven't received anything from the Dr., officially stating that they've removed the therapy.  Otherwise, they'd want me to sign a release.  The sarcastic beast inside of me was itching to get out...but, I shot our best Dr. an email and he's already confirmed he'd take care of it.  Yippie!  I've decided I'd better document the supply before it goes buh-bye!  ;0)

The Bean helped me shoot this picture (one-handed).

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