4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Friday, October 15, 2010

Simplifying The Complicated Life

Today I made great progress in my collection of places to call, although I sit here awaiting many call backs.  So far, no real progress has been made in my quest for help.  Next week, a social worker with Multnomah County Health Dept. is coming to meet Andi.  She's one person that gave me about six numbers to call.  It is my hope that her coming here will help me further in finding a solution for us. We're also seeing her pediatrician and the insurance company's social worker next week. The following week, Early Intervention is coming with about four specialists.  Between that and a few people I hope to hear back from, something has got to work out for us.  Hopefully soon we can get working on her hearing aid too.  Getting kinda tired of playing the waiting game and want to move forward.  It just seems that time is critical and sitting here doing nothing is not working for me.  I want more, and I want it quicker.

One place I called is a caregiver agency and the mostly work with the elderly, but do work with kids.  They aren't professional medically trained people, but 'take classes.'  She said they run about $18-20. a hour, whereas, according to this lady, a nurse would cost $50-60. an hour.  She gave me yet another number of a place to call to see if they could help with the cost.  Therefore, we will keep digging.  It must be said that all of this is INSANE!

While working, I've had the TV on in the background  The movie Three Men and A Baby was on earlier.  Now that I've experienced it myself, their first day with the baby and that whole first diaper scene cracked me up!!!  Especially when the diaper fell off and the baby pees.  Absolutely classic.

Tonight is family night.  I'm  making dinner, which is rather therapeutic to me.  Especially since I like to take a weight-watchers recipe and make it fatty.  Frankly, it's yummier that way!  *silently laughing, knowing Lisa will laugh out loud, although visions of my former trainer shaking his head in disapproval frightens me!*  We're going to watch a speck of TV and play Wii games... in addition to entertaining the Bean with books and her activity mat.  Wow, how life has changed for us.  But, I find myself looking forward to it with pride.  Our lives are complicated and stressful, so a simple night at home as a family is the best gift we can award ourselves.

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