4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Temper Tantrums and Sleep Deprivation

I wonder what it's going to take to get some of the lame-o's to call me back.  Incessant calling like an overexcited teenager calling the cute boy of the week in the days before caller ID!?  I mean, it's ridiculous.  I shouldn't have to call you more than once and I shouldn't have to wait.  **stomping on ground like a two year old having a major tantrum!**  Some progress is made, yet more is still out of reach.  Sunday, we have a lady coming to the house to meet Andi and if all goes well, will likely be helping me out for a few hours a week.  I have no idea how long the home health nurse referral is going to take and how much that is going to cost me, so I figure I should have a few qualified people on board to help us out regardless of things in the works.

Getting used to the Bean not being tethered to the O2 tank is taking some time to get used to.  It's bizarre.  For so many months now, I have had to give thought to every time I've picked Andi up.  "where's the g-tube?", "is it plugged in?", "grab the tank" or "turn off the tank and disconnect, so we can plug her in downstairs".  I mean, there's always been something to consider. So, here she is no longer tied to the tank, and in the past few days she's wanted to be held a lot and at times, will not accept being put down -- that only made her more angry.  I had to give it actual thought as I was trying to fix dinner and deal with a meltdown at the same time... 'oh, yeah, I can actually take her into the kitchen with me now!'  It's been quite the joyous revelation.  Now if I could spend the time to figure out the Moby we bought so I can carry her around in that in the house.  The other carrier is great, but she 'cooks' in it, due to the newborn carrier inside the carrier... she gets really warm very quickly.  I consulted the manual and she needs that carrier until she can hold her own head.

I've been trying to reintroduce the bottle to our Bean.  When she had her cold, I did not allow the bottle as it'd promote mucous. Well, since that cold, we've also changed her off the Neocate (amino acids) to all Alimentum (partial milk protein).  The new formula smells like bleach and chemicals.  I can't stand the smell of it!  Yes, I have a "bionic nose" but I can't imagine that nasty smelling junk tastes very good.  So far, the Bean hasn't shown any interest in the bottle, which is a major step backward.  I will keep trying, but today found her asleep most of the times I'd bottle feed her, like now.  The Bean has had a very restful day.  She's snoring and chilling out on her lil' bed on the couch.  I however, haven't had any shut-eye and hope that our schedules do not conflict tonight, otherwise, that could be nasty.  Daddy is on a work trip -- and left earlier than early this morning, so I'm flying solo... and Maddux doesn't seem very interested in babysitting, so, hopefully, she'll sleep for me tonight.  Puh-lease, Puh-lease, Puh-lease lil' Bean... help yo' overtired Momma out!  **fingers crossed**

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  1. I really like my Moby. It took awhile to get it figured out. Try with a stuffed animal or someting for the first few times until you get it. There's a lot of videos on Youtube, also. Glad she's doing better. We're without daddy from Sunday afternoon until late Monday night. Lilith kept asking him why he has to go to Chicago. LOL