4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Monday, November 29, 2010

Vision Quest

I hate when I pick the title before I write a word, especially one forcing memories of a bad 1980's movie featuring really bad acting and a shiny sweatsuit designed to make you sweat to make goal weight.  Whatever! 

There are two reasons for entitling today as such.  Andi had her eyes dilated, and the Dr. looked into her eyes and confirmed she doesn't have any coloboma.  She said that her nerves are small, but normal, and unless I felt there was a change in her eyesight, that she didn't need to see an eye Dr. again for several YEARS.  Yes, years.  So nice to hear that for a change.

The other part of the 'Vision Quest' is our desire to let Andi's rough start implore others to make positive changes, changes that perhaps Andi inspired.  I'm pleased to report someone very special to our Bean has given up smoking, seven weeks now!  As a former smoker, and a good one, I'm so proud that Andi is inspiring such a tough, but extremely positive, change in others.  If she wasn't zonked out, I'm sure she'd chatty cathy her praise on video.  The dilation is supposed to make her sleepy today, double hope this carries over through the night **please, please?**.  But, I'll get some video uploaded soon showing how proud she is!

So, a vision quest.  A play on words, rather than a major stretch on the definition.  Andi's vision is good, and her quest to make a difference is already occurring.  Yea Bean!

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  1. Anna, I breathed a great sigh of relief for you and Andi. You know, I suspected her eyesight was good because you can see in the photographs that she is looking at the camera. Not a shy one there! I am really happy for all of you.

    One less smoker in the world? Good. No matter who/what inspires it.

    Bravo, Andi's family!