4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Iced Pacie, Iced Portland

It's icy outside, and we're glad not to be out in it.  Our appointments today were all canceled & rescheduled. Today, we worked with feeding and positioning.  Andi 'ate' some rice cereal made with some neocate, and had a couple bites of sweet potato.  She didn't eat much, but she definitely got some in her mouth -- and on her face, hands & outfit.  I tasted the sweet potato...ding dang, that's pretty yummie.  Guess we're all eating sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving this year.  Two feedings I held her on my lap - which makes it tougher on her, as she has to not only eat, but work to hold herself up... the other feeding, I placed her in her carseat and propped her head with towels. Think Santa might be bringing Andi a high chair!

We worked on positioning. I'm supposed to get Andi facing left as much as possible.  She needs to turn her head to the left - so it will stretch out the other shoulder and lengthen the muscles.  She's gotten a bit of flat head on the back right side, from laying down and facing the right so much.  So, we worked on sitting, holding positions, and different instances where she'd be stimulated to look to the left as much as possible.  It's tough... but, we've gotta do it.

Andi hasn't slept much the past two mornings.  Her sleep schedule is not predictible at all.  Right now she's in her swing and has fallen asleep.  Oh, I take that back, it was a two minute cat-nap.  Time for an iced pacie. A few minutes later, she's on her bed snoring.  Uh-Oh.  Hopefully that doesn't indicate another 4 a.m. early wake-up call.
Nah, I'm waking her in 20 minutes for another try with the apple sauce. We'll see how that goes, we've just gotta keep pushing!

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