4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Six Months Milestone

It's been a long weekend, most of it a blur.  Andi survived her first Thanksgiving, part of it by sleeping, hands-folded, as if to say, "no more turkey, please".  The rest of the time, she stared at people's faces and absorbed people. 

This is going to be a very active week.  We have a social worker coming to evaluate us for services... why yes, it is a state agency - a mere two months later we get someone to come see us.  We're getting our flu shot tomorrow, as the Bean marks a milestone, 6 months old.  Then, we have an eye appointment, her four month eye check-up at six months... as this Dr. canceled her last appt. the morning of...  Tuesday is our big day though.  An echo cardiogram and a follow-up with her cardiologist, whom we're hoping will remove more med's.  I hope, I hope, I hope!

Other than that, we're working on tummy time, feeding, sitting up, turning to the left... and dealing with teething -- which seems to be getting worse.  Our sleep schedule seems to be in half-hour increments.  Every half hour, Andi wakes and stirs -- wanting her pacie, or having a bit of a meltdown.  Well, maybe more than 'a bit.' 

Tummy time has been getting progressively better, as we have more and more video of the Bean lifting and holding her head.  She still favors her right side, but, we feel she's getting stronger.  Slowly, but surely... we'll get there.

Six months old, although she's wearing the 3 months clothing size.  She seems to be at six months in certain aspects, but at 3 months in others. She's doing great and we're thrilled to be heading to Doernbecher's this week ... just to visit!!!  I hope she impresses these Doc's like she impresses us.  Hoping for another good week!

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