4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Monday, November 15, 2010


Long day. Going anywhere is such a production.  Our first stop, labs.  That was fun.  Then met with her Dr.

Weight:  11 lbs 2.5 oz's    (.49%)
Height:  2"  (8.58%)  [this is actually the same as last time, but we think that lady was generous with her measurement!]
Head Circumference: 15.75"  (4.05%)

She's charting well and he's totally pleased with her progress. She got her six month old shots (can give a bit early) and at the end of the month, she'll get her flu shot - so we can stop sweating getting that.  Andi did not respond well to her four month shots (fever 102) - so, we have to keep a close eye on her tonight.  Andi is now supposed to take her fluoride drops because she's getting to that age where her teeth are starting to come in. He said I need to work harder on her cradle cap, so, olive oil treatments twice a week now.  He also thinks she has dermatitis, for which we are now using hydrocortisone.  He mentioned he didn't think she needed to be on the lasix anymore, but didn't say to discontinue that one.  I believe he wants to wait to see what her cardiologist's assessment concludes.  We will be contacted by dietary in the next day or so, not only to reorder feed supplies, but also to readdress her weight gain and how to improve it. I'm hoping we can start working with some real food. We also met with the feeding specialist and although we didn't work on bottling/feeding, we got some great ideas on how to improve her neck strength, a plan to bottle her based on the less offensive, previous formula (Neocate) and ideas to work on oral stimulation. She also wants us referred to the physical therapist, to help her further.

Tomorrow, we go to get our ear mold for the hearing aid - and then just a quick meet & greet with the occupational therapist.  Maybe this lady can help Andi find a job, cuz ding-dang, we're going to need her to start working to pay for all this crap.  *insert exhausted chuckling here*  Andi Bean and I are beat... so we're heading over to friends house for dinner & a doggie playdate.  I just hope my head doesn't fall onto my dinner plate and I start snorring like Andi is right this minute.

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