4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Beano In The Bumbo Seat

I put Andi in her bumbo seat, despite her not being able to totally hold her head on her own.  It's push time... and I'm going to push her to try and get her stronger, quicker.  That means tummy time, oral stimulation, bumbo seat, sitting up wherever/however.  As Mommy takes time to finally get back into the gym, it's Bean's workout time too.

She has a hat on because we're working on the cradle cap.  She has an olive oil treatment going on under that hat. 

Andi got her hearing aid mold done today.  Pretty interesting.  The fitting appt. is scheduled for early December.  Like most therapies, we will start out slowly.  Slowly exposing her to increased sound, with time limits.  We will start out with a 1/2 hour a day, then, build up to all day with the hearing aid.  However, when she lays on it, it will make a noise... so that will be an issue, since the G-Tube, and its leakage, forces her to either sleep on her back, or on her good ear -- the one that will get the hearing aid.  Also, her ear is so small, that we might have a problem keeping the hearing aid battery pack on the back of her ear.  If so - she might have to wear some sort of cap to keep it afixed to her head.  Big treat.  But, if it helps us propel the bean forward - then, so be it.  We do whatever we can to benefit the bean.

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