4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Yesterday, we made the trek up to the hospital for Andi's 3rd VCUG.  This time we were checking to see if the bladder deflux procedure we did in June was effective at ceasing Andi's bladder reflux.  It was a cool morning.  I wore a light sweater and actually turned the heater on in the car.  It's the end of August?  In any case, I reflected during the all-too-familiar route to get there and thought about how I used to do that drive every single day.  It was oddly different yesterday.  The drive didn't bother me at all.  That heavy weight of dread was completely gone.  Our lives are so much different now, so much better.

So, as with every medical appointment, they wanted to get her weight.  The nurse said they didn't have a baby scale and asked if I would get on the scale holding Andi, and without holding Andi, so we could deduce how much she weighs.  I should my head with a firm 'hell no!'  Luckily, this nurse understood and decided to do it herself.  She determined Andi was roughly around 9 kilos, which is 20 lbs. We went through the whole sedation process rather easily, we're pro's -- we've done this before.  Within minutes, the Versed took effect and Miss Stone was back.  We got to see Misty, whom is one of the radiologists we know well.  She's so good with Andi.  However, it was our favorite Tom who did the test again.  He told me he had a patients Mom whose kid was also having a VCUG, and she said to him, 'you must be Tom!' and he said 'yes, how did you know that?'  She told him in researching the VCUG procedure, she encountered Andi's blog and read all about it, including him. I was a little shocked, a little embarrassed, and yet - rather proud.

So, the VCUG showed that the bladder deflux procedure we did in June was successful and Andi is no longer having bladder reflux.  We meet with the urologist next week and are expecting him to have us cease using the antibiotics she's been on since July 2010.  Thus, we'll be down to one medicine.  One!!!

In the afternoon, we met with the Kaiser PT.  It had been a full year since we saw her last.  I was so overwhelmed with various appointments at that time, that I just discontinued PT, as OT is rather similar.  However, now... it's time to do both.  Really, all we have left to focus on is our feeding issues and balance issues.  Andi was pretty tired at this point in the day, but it was a good reintroduction to all things Andi, and where she has progressed to.

Yesterday also reminded me that Andi's heart surgery anniversary is quickly approaching.  We still send her heart surgeon a card with an update. Guess we'll add that to the rather long to-do list.  All while the Bean tries to crawl into my lap.  The other day I went to IKEA and bought a tiny $20. desk to put in the living room.  Having Andi crawling on my back while I sat on the couch trying to work wasn't working for me.  Now, I sit in a chair at a desk and am hoping it helps improve my ability to get things done quicker, with less irritation.  So far, she's tried to climb up my chair twice and sit in my lap.  Oh well.  I like having a desk better anyway. I keep throwing toys at her, and it works for awhile.  We'll figure this out.

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