4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Monday, August 20, 2012

Translation Affirmation

Last night, although we've been trying not to spend money, we went out for BBQ dinner.  As always, I was signing with Andi, because keeping her engaged is one way I've learned to keep her from getting out of the high chair.  [Lately, Andi has learned how to get out of the belts on restaurant high chairs, her stroller...]  I ended up putting in her hearing aid, and signed that it was 'loud' in there.  One of the servers, whom helped us when we first arrived admired Andi for her adorable factor, asked her age, and then asked when she turned 2, and said she had a boy who will 2 in October. I could tell she was shocked by her size -vs- her age, and mentioned to Cory after she left. Later, that server came back and said she noticed us signing with Andi.  I said, 'yeah, well, Andi is hearing impaired.'  She said it's one thing she feels bad that she doesn't know, and would like to teach her son.  I said that whether the kids are hearing impaired or not, it helps with language development, speech, helps alleviate terrible 2's frustration as it gives kids tools to communicate.  Then she asked about 'Andi's condition' if we wanted to share... which I have no trouble sharing.  So I started in on CHARGE Syndrome, seven surgeries, five months in the hospital. The lady started crying.  She apologized for getting so emotional and we assured her it was no problem.  It actually made me tear up a bit. She said as a parent, she can't imagine when we've been through, as she wiped away more tears.  It was rather sweet.  Educating people about CHARGE has been rather therapeutic, although I do it not to make people feel sorry for Andi -- but celebrate her, honor her by being better people - better parents themselves.  It just goes back to what I said a long, long time ago - when we lived in the hospital.  If Andi can help others be more appreciative of what they have, more patient with others, more empathetic, and just all around better people, then maybe all the bad stuff will not have been for nothing.  She's a pretty powerful little girl with a repaired heart of gold.  It makes this translated description of her name we found at Saturday market yesterday, all that more fitting.

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  1. now thats the kind of lady i like there are some that are jsut plane rude and insensitive to our feelings arent there xxxxx