4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Andi Bean's 2nd Birthday Bash!

Monday, Memorial Day, Andi Bean turned 2 years old.  Although completely rewarding, these years have not been easy for any of us -- mainly Andi, whom has had to work to overcome obstacles.  This kid has had deal with a leaky g-tube failure, vommiting more than one kid should, work hard at hearing, gross and fine motor skills, and try to learn to balance.  Andi has been through a lot in 2 years, and therefore, we don't just celebrate -- we throw a big ol' birthday bash!!!  This year's was a little bigger than last year, and we still had many people we didn't extend an invite to because our yard isn't that big, and frankly, more people mean more expenses!  Sorry.  This party was, and I quote, "a tad excessive for a 2 year old's birthday!"  I won't attribute that quote, but, I think I'm related to the person!  HA!  But, when the food was eaten, the cake was cut, the presents were opened and the people departed, it was said what a nice party it was!  When it comes to Andi and the seven layers of b.s. she's had to endure, no party, no celebration in my mind could ever be excessive.  This kid deserves it, and thensome.

The weekend started early for us, as Friday, Daddy Bean took a very overdue, a very rare, day off.  He had returned from his work trip at 1:30 a.m., as the planes were running late, that Friday morning. Thank goodness he did not have to log to start work that Friday morning.  Yikes!   We had made an appointment to go get family photos taken that Friday morning.  We bought a Group-On last year, and went to use it at Christmas, but ended up buying a package deal then.  So, they said to bring her in around her birthday to use the Group-On.  Instead, we had a family sitting because we've never done it, and have maybe one or two family photos total.  We were a bit overdue.  After our photography session, we went to Helser's - our favorite breakfast place and got some super yummy grub.  With our bellies full, we headed over to our big destination of the day - the zoo!  This time, we brought our cameras!  (although the photos are still on the camera - and therefore, I'll add some next time ... although our elephants probably look the same as your elephants!)

The weekend really got started when Poppa B and Ginga arrived Saturday night.  Their flight was early, and as Andi and I were approaching the greeting area, I could see them coming out looking desperately for our Andi Bean.  So, I did what I normally do - because I am a dork... We hid from them. Andi was snoring on my shoulder, but quickly awoke when Ginga arrived and as if on cue, the song 'Reunited' by Peaches and Herb was filling the air (in my head.)  Andi wasn't sure about Poppa B at first, as men with mustaches &/or glasses, tend to not be received well.  We assume she sees men with those characteristics as a Dr.  Understood.  But, within 20 minutes, the love-fest was resumed and she seemed to get rather close to her Poppa this time!  It must be said that within a half hour of getting to the house, the clouds closed-in and unleashed a massive downpour, with thunder and lightning as well.  It was absolutely ridiculous!  Ginga and I just laughed, as everytime she comes into town, the weather goes completely whack.  It's bizarre.  It snowed the last time she was here, in March.  Her first trip here, we got 18" of snow and the city went into lockdown for three days.

Sunday was party-prep & a lot of shopping with Poppa B and Ginga taking on the Bean duties.  My Dad was introduced to a different side of Portland -- that of our Costco on a weekend.  Not only is our store much bigger than the store in his town, but, it's about 100 times busier.  Apparently, our Costco patrons are rude, as well.  I probably wouldn't argue with that statement though.  But, my Dad braved a Costco trip for the last of the party food and our special order cake - while Ginga tended to a sleeping Bean in the car.  It worked our really well, and I got a refresher on the different levels of eyerolls my Dad exercises.  It was like being on the golf course, without clubs.  Classic.  We also went to Babies R Us/Toys R Us because Auntie Shell-Shell (Ginga's daughter/my step-sister) and Uncle Art gave Andi a gift card.  Therefore, I wanted Ginga to help me pick it out!  Afterwhich, we went to my second Dollar Tree store in search for helllium balloons.  They did not have any, but told me that the other Dollar Tree store fairly close to them did have them.  So, we hit up Dollar Tree #3 and it was a balloon party!  I bought 20 balloons!  Sunday night, we all went out for dinner, because frankly, my kitchen refridgerator was overflowing with party food.  We went to our new favorite Chinese restaurant and it was super yum.

Monday, we decorated, finished the food, and were ready to roll as people were showing up at 4.  We've been watching a lot of Restaurant Impossible lately, so we did the burgers like Robert Irving suggests on the show.  They were pretty dang yum, although, by the time I ate mine - it was ice cold.  The party was very busy and I barely got to talk to many of our friends, but it was a lot of fun.  Andi seemed to really enjoy having everyone over, and was her usual entertaining self.  So, with all that being said, as instructed, less talky-talk and more PHOTOS!

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