4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Friday, January 6, 2012

Ketchup with The Beanstalk

We've been lacking on the updates for a variety of reasons.  First of all, with our Christmas money, we bought Andi an IPad.  So, we've been a bit awe-struck over the shiny new toy, (...and Andi hasn't seen it much, yet!)  In addition to that, my laptop has been acting out like a two-year old.  It's angry for reasons we haven't quite figured out.  I suspect it's very angry and depressed that we not only bought a shiny new toy, but a Mac product at that...  We are planning to stage an intervention.  Yeah, okay... I don't get out much anymore!  Bad jokes should be overlooked.

Yesterday, we went to see Andi's team of Audiologists, for hearing testing.  Andi was tested both with and without her hearing aid.  She did really well.  ...and I quote, "I have chills" (seeing how well Andi was doing.)  It was such an improvement that they reprogrammed her hearing aid.  They sent us packing with the hearing aid in, and I kid you not, she left it in for just over an hour.  Prior to that, the longest she would leave it in was during a part of Yo Gabba Gabba episode.  She is watching an episode now with dinner and her hearing aid, and the music group just came on and she started clapping her hands and snapping her fingers in the air.  No joke.  The hearing aid is helping!  Yea! 

Late yesterday afternoon, we were called about a referral and to schedule a new patient appointment with pediatric GI.  We were referred to them by our pediatrician last year, but they pushed us to see feeding clinic first.  So, feeding clinic got us a new G-Tube.  And now that we're still having problems with g-tube feeds, GI is willing to see us finally.  So, I got us the first available appointment.  It's on February 24th or so... no joke, nearly two months away.  I let our pediatrician & feeding specialist know... We will be seeing the new dept. chair/head.  I've since bent our pediatricians eye (email) about how ridiculous it is that Andi, a 19 month kiddo that only weighs 16 lbs, isn't shuttled in to see them sooner than two months.  I'm sorry, but a 16 pound, 19 month old, should be alarming, shouldn't it?!  So, we're going back to see him on Tuesday and we're to suspend using Omeprozole (Prilosec).  GREAT ... cuz I just refilled that bottle on Tuesday!!!!  He says he has a plan and wants to do a PH study in a few weeks.  Yippie I wrote... I'm excited about trying to find out why she pukes twice a day, and yet, I'm very worried about incurring more medical bills.  I let my concerns be known.  Hopefully this doesn't cost us a ton, because a new year equates new deductibles and co-pays.  Urgh.  I just paid the hospital bills, don't want more of those, ...ya know?

In any case, Andi has lots of new tricks to show.  I just need to get some good video this weekend!

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