4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Big Girl, Big Temper

Three & a half full days puke free and counting!  I'm obsessed with calorie counts, figures and amounts.  I love it!  Now, we've just gotta pack on the poundage!!!  Let's hope!  I'm having trouble getting in a full 800 ml...  Our caloric goal for a day is 800-900 calories and our recipes are just over a 1 calorie per ml.  So, I figure if I get 800 in, we're closer to the high-end of the calories.  It's tough to get that fifth bolus in.  Will keep trying.

Andi had what was deemed a 'breath-holding episode' the other night.  She scared the beegeezsus out of me.  She was laying on Daddy Bean, post-feed, and started hitting him in the face.  He held down her arms so she couldn't do that anymore.  There was a weird moment there, and I got up and took her out of his arms, as she was starting to turn grey.  I threw her up on my shoulder, where she farted and couple of times, and started smacking her back, 'breathe, baby! breathe!'  She stopped breathing.  We looked at her and her eyes were rolling back into her head.  Daddy grabbed the phone to dial 9-1-1.  I pounded on her back some more, trying to 'wake' her.  She went limp in my arms.  I freaked.  Daddy Bean freaked.  I threw her on the ground, well, not really 'threw' her - but I put her down to see what the hell....and she awoke and started breathing, crying.  I had Daddy Bean get her g-tube to hook up and vent.  I assumed it was something to do with reflux.  Once she awoke and stopped crying...she was fine.  Back to baseline.  We debated ER and paged her pediatrician.  When he didn't call back within a few minutes, we paged him again.  He called back instantly (totally his style)...and said I left off a number on the first page.  I didn't admit that my hands were shaking when I put the numbers in the first time.  We discussed what happened.  He told us about the breath-holding episodes that some kids do.  It can be brought on by pain or anger.  I was thinking maybe she encountered both.  We looked it up and concluded that is what happened.  We kept a very, very close eye on her for the rest of the night.  It was probably the 2nd scariest things I've encountered as far as Andi's health & well-being.  The 1st being the first time I pulled out the g-tube when the oxygen tank fell on the tube, three days after being released from the hospital from her heart surgery.  That was the worst. 

In addition to all this, she is now signing 'eat', and is eagerly eating orally things presented to her twice a day.  She has had applesauce and mashed cooked carrots.  Our feeding specialist wants her to get regular at eating 5-10 bites twice a day and then do another swallow study.  I will feed her orally whenever she wants, and don't want to limit it if she wants more... Her feeding clinic pediatrician once said he didn't see her doing well eating orally until we figured out how to stop the puking.  So, maybe now she can take off and eat like a big girl.  She can leave the big temper on the shelf though.  May we never experience one of those breath-holding episodes again!!!

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