4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Monday, January 9, 2012

Lobbying For Skinny Minny

Andi went to see her pediatrician again this morning. He wanted to get her weight, so then he could start with that information and take it to a pile of people at the hospital, mainly GI, and get the process rolling quicker.  Having to wait until 2/24 is quite a long time for a kid fighting to put on the pounds.  Andi has actually lost weight since her last weigh-in, which was 12/15.  She's now 16 lbs, 8 oz's (she was 10 oz's).  So, we definitely have a problem.  She did not have a great feed day yesterday and she barfed up most of her breakfast.  Nervous about weighing?  I dunno, but, it wasn't fun. 

So... we did labs (a BMP) because I said she seemed dry, and they came out okay.  So, least we know she isn't super dehydrated like she has been in the past.  I've since talked to our pediatrician and he's awaiting more call backs, but the GI specialist we've seen in the hospital- last g-tube, is aware of the problem, asked for a different lab, and is going to try to squeeze Andi in the next couple of days.  YEA!!!  It's pretty cool having a Dr. lobby for you, and "advocating" (most overused word in the medical community -- other than, 'it depends!') on behalf of your child.  It almost brings warm fuzzy feelings of content.  However, there still is a big problem with feeds/digestion.  I've taken to the Facebook page for Charge and have asked others what they've experienced.  Sounds like this is a pretty common problem.  Five of them suggest putting Andi on a blenderized diet -- (insert my old joke about throwing a Burgerville Tillamook Cheeseburger and a chocolate shake in a blender here...)  I will approach the feeding team about this, seriously.

Anyhow, my laptop is still rather angry with me.  I am backing up all my stuff to "the cloud" - as our last external hard-drive seemingly met its death when I dropped it...oops!  It works okay as long as you don't try to do too much at the same time.  However, I've noticed my keyboard is not real happy with the 'd', 'n' or 'm' -- and so if you are reading this and there's a letter missing... that's probably because the keyboard ain't cooperating.  It's annoying.  The IPAD keyboard ain't all that easy & quick to use, otherwise, I'd say ol' Dell can go to Hell... hahahahahhahahaahaha.  It's probably about five years old now, but, I'm trying to save it regardless.  I have to - I don't have the ca$hish to buy a new one.  So, I'm dumping everything on the cloud, and then we're going to get nitty gritty with the ol' Dell.  You know it's bad when I bring my massive laptop into the hospital and the surgery resident with absolutely NO personality, stops trying to fake being human, i.e. (head tilt to the side), 'how are you doing?', and instead interrupts himself, startled, and says, 'whoa! that laptop is massive!'  I secretly rolled up a special finger in his honor.  So, yeah, the beast might be old, but we can't quite put her out to pasture just yet!

So, hopefully soon we'll get further along in our quest to put some serious weight on Bean!  I

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  1. I hope they can find something that works for Andi. We have a lot of the same problems. GI issues are so annoying! Good luck!