4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Reiterating A Point

Perfect example to reiterate my point.

Andi just flipped over on her contour pillow, underneath the seat belt during a feed, and yanked out her g-tube.  The entire thing popped out.

Daddy hadn't yet experienced that, so he reminded me of me on my first experience with it. I however, was totally calm and collected.  Asked for items to help me, and when I couldn't spit it out fast enough, ordered Daddy to sit down.  Spent 30 seconds saying, 'calm down.'  Reminded him that we have 5-6 hours before the hole will close up, and even still, she might need a few stitches to seal her up.  He settled and I went to work.

Wow.  It wasn't that bad, and I can't believe how at ease I was with it.  But then again, having seen it eleven or so times, ... I guess I should be a pro.

So now, I should have little fear with it.  Been there. Done that.

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