4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another Whinefest

My head hurts and this O'Doul's tonight just ain't cutting it.  Hell to the No!  I feel like all I do lately is complain.  What fun is that!?  Then, there's the obligatory, 'how are you?' questions I get when we go out, and I always wonder how the person would react if I really laid it out on exactly how I'm doing!  HA!

Andi has a new set of products to 'doctor' the skin surrounding the g-tube.  We'll go back in two weeks, and if this current concoction doesn't work, we're going to try something called 'pouching it'.  It's a pouch that we put over the button and that will catch all the leakage. However, after that appointment, at the suggestion of the people we spoke with today, we wrote our group of peeps we work with in regard to her feeds, and shared our milk volcano video.  We're going to try putting in a smaller button, as the way I understand it, there has been some success getting the hole to 'close up' around it.  Tonight, I left the Bean with her Daddy while I ran to the pharmacy to pick up this week's refill.  Apparently, while I was gone, her milk volcano exploded again.  I was asked if I've checked the water in the balloon, (there's a balloon on the inside of her stomach and it is inflated/deflated with water.  That's how it stays or is removed from her stomach.) and I replied that I wasn't really comfortable checking that.  I know exactly how to do it, but when you remove the water, the tube can be pulled out of her stomach and I really don't want to see or experience that again. 

I fed Andi some food earlier today and watched it pour out around the g-tube.  Videotaped that too, but ding-dang... it's time for some cute, playful stuff.  I'm sick of whining about this POS. 

The Beaner sleeps and I've noticed that her clothes are getting too short for her... ahhh...time to switch to the 6 months wardrobe!  YIPPIE! This whinefest is over.

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