4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Beany Bear

Our Beany Bear was measured and weighed the other day.

Height:  25" (2.90%)
Weight:  12 lb  11.5 oz  (0.12%)

She went in to see her pediatrican to get a smaller g-tube (12French) inserted.  He said he's seen some success getting the hole to close-up around the smaller button, although, no guarantees that will work for our leaky mess.  It's worth a shot...and better than the hands up in surrender we got from the surgeon.  So far, it's still pretty leaky, but... my hope is that the great g-tube God's smile down on us and caulk the damn thing already.

Saturday morning outfit #1... the Bean has a sleepy, 'I don't give a crap' attitude.  She's been upgraded to her six month outfits, which look super cozy having room to grow into them.  The 3-month outfits were getting a little short, as if she couldn't fully straighten her legs.  Now, she has plenty of room and thensome.  Perhaps that freedom will encourage growth?! Although she's still really underweight, she seems to be filling out moreso and as one of her many "auntie's" said, she seems to be growing into her head.  Apparently, her head was huge compared to her lil' body.

(cell phone photo)

We've discovered a few new things lately to make her laugh.  Grabbing onto her thighs, when she's in the mood, of course, sends her rolling with laughter.  It's pretty dang cute. We have much to work on, always.  Like I said to her Dr., life would seemingly be a whole lot easier if we didn't have a big ol' hole in her stomach.  He agreed.  We are so itching to stop using the g-tube and get her to feed using hunger as motivation to make it happen... but... she's not even 13 lbs at eight months... I guess we just have to keep shoving food at her in conjuction with plugging in the mic-E.  Joy...

On a happier note, we are prepping for our first plane trip early April. The Bean will be flying first class to Alabama (whereas we will likely be stowed in the luggage carrier)... and we'll get to spend some time with Poppa B and Ginga.  Andi will get to see the sunshine again! (...although the sun has been shining here a bit... it's ugly grey, grey, grey outside today!)  Although her unkie has already scored her with her first set of golf clubs, the Bean probably needs to be able to stand before using them.  She might get to play with a golf ball though, as it's too big for her dinky lil' mouth. We're dumping the Bean with her g-parents while we go frolick in New Orleans and at the beach.  It will be our first real trip since before we got pregnant. Well before we knew what a g-tube is, or choanal atresia or a/v canal, before we knew that babies can take viagra.  Oh yes... it will be a glorious glimpse of an easier time, when our hearts weren't as full as they are now.  Luckily, we recognize how completely smitten we are with what we have...not everyone has a Bean... let alone a Beany Bear.

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