4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Monday, February 7, 2011

A Blazer Bean, with a leaky g-tube [of course!]

Another day, another direction with the leaky g-tube.  We're going to try a g-tube that's a little bit longer.  The latest, greatest, just ain't so great.  It still leaks, still stinks, still enduces colorful monologs.  We're going to try to add "polycrack" (polycose) again to her feed.  It's a carbohydrate that makes her feed higher calorie.  We tried it pre-heart surgery, and her tummy revolted.  Maybe now it will be okay?!  We're going to fatten her feed, so we can reduce the volume.  Maybe then she won't blow her grub out her leaky g-tube.  Today we worked with a combo of neocate/rice cereal and carrots. It seems that carrots give her extra trouble, as we've had some seriously orange clothes where the g-tube leaks.

Tonight, we dressed Andi Bean for the Blazer game.  She was gifted some Blazer gear by friends, and I'm sure you're shocked to read that it is now being stripped off because the shirt is soaked.  **insert eye roll here.**  Hey, at least it's not orange!  YES, the power of positive thinking. HAHHAHAAHA!  In any case, here's a photo of our Blazer Bean.
I wish I could say she is sporting a lil' pot belly, but sadly, that is a washcloth over her button trying to absorb leakage. 

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  1. When I saw the pic on Facebook, I was going to comment something to the effect of, "How long did that outfit last???" Oy vey!! I'm wondering if they make some kind of "diaper" that could go over the area of the g-tube that wicks away moisture as fast as some of today's diapers. You know, with that gel inside that swells up when the baby has a diaper full of pee? I have a picture of what I mean in my mind, but I have no idea if it exists! (maybe it is something that needs to be invented!!!) :)