4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Friday, August 13, 2010

Today is not the day...

Butter bean is not getting released today, or likely tomorrow either.  Her pediatrician, who happens to be the Kaiser Attending Dr. this week, wants to find out why she needs the O2, even the little amount she gets... is it caused by reflux - with formula getting into her lungs?  Is it caused by the extra blood going to her lungs?  He'd like to get a few more answers as to why, instead of just shipping us out of here with a skoosh of oxygen for the bambino. They're going to do another chest xray to check out her lungs.  They're going to do a VCUG today, to check out her urinary anatomy, to see if that played a role in her UTI.  Yesterday, they did an echo cardiogram to see if her red & blue blood were mixing, causing the need for the extra O2.  So, we have some more tests to run, some more things to figure out, before they ship us out of this posh joint.  We're actually a bit relieved. 

We're lucky in that we have the most amazing pediatrician.  I really feel like he not only hears us, but advocates for us as well. I just wish he laughed at my jokes more.  I'd gladly settle for a healthy baby though.

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