4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Shift Change

It's Sunday.  Last day of rotation for the attending pediatrician.  How many of these have we seen come and go?  I don't even remember all their names, but I would recognize all their faces.  It's really troubling to realize how many have been through here.  They leave and we remain.  Ugh.  This week we actually had one of the first Dr's back in June stop in to see the Bean and say hi.  She said that so many Doc's that have worked with us, follow us in the computer, and are cheering us on.  I've heard that from the 3rd year med students too.  Even though there have been quite a few shift changes or rotations, they still keep up with our Bean. 

The blood work today is still positive.  The chest x-ray "looked about the same" which isn't necessarily bad, it takes awhile for the healing to show up on x-rays.  She might be getting a little dry, and they might have to stick another IV in for another bolus of fluid.  The balancing act continues.

Right now, she's sleeping comfortably in Daddy's arm.  She is having another good day.  Tomorrow the cardio/surgeon team is going to make a determination about surgery on Wednesday.  I have no idea if they're going to want to move forward this week or not.  But the new attending pediatrician comes on tomorrow.  Perhaps this one will have the magic potion to fix the bean.

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