4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Season Of Stress

Summertime usually invokes thoughts of hot days on the golf course, cool swimming pools, pleasant warm nights in the backyard for a BBQ, campfires and time with friends.  Obviously, this year, summer has taken a wrong turn and sent us down a completely different course.  Sadly, this course is not green, filled with trees, and I'm not hunting a little white ball with a stick in my hand, cursing under my breath, *silently laughing.*  This summer is not only filled with none of the usual fun activities, but even the weatherman has made a change. Our summer weather has been weird.  It's been cooler, cloudier, more like a spring or a fall.  It's been a very odd season, in more ways than one.  I find it amusing that this odd summerlike weather has really matched our mood, and I'm rather relieved that I'm not staring out this hospital window everyday wondering how wonderful it must be outside these sterile walls.  It's been refreshing that I'm sitting in a season of stress, and the regular summer season hasn't appeared to torture me with what I'm missing exactly.  I'm not missing out on our usual, glorious, and much-too-short summer weather.  The same summer weather that makes this city bearable through the long, endless rainy months.  The summery goodness that people visit and fall in love with our city, to the point of moving here.  It's the wonderful warm goodness like a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie, right out of the oven.  Yep, it hasn't really shown itself in it's usual form this year, and I can't help but selfishly be thankful for that. Sometimes it's odd how life just sort of helps you out in funky ways like that. 

Andi Bean is on for surgery first thing tomorrow morning.  They will wheel her off between 6:30 - 7 a.m.  We're staying here tonight, so we can have some really good family time before the biggest, probably most difficult day of our entire life.  This is the big one.  This surgery can and will make life so much better for the Bean.  I hope this is a one-time surgery.  I hope that everything goes better than 'GREAT'.  I hope she recovers faster than they ever expected.  I hope to report only good things on the flipside of this nightmare.  Finally, I hope that as tomorrow is September 1st -- a month that equates the start of fall, football, leaves turning glorious colors, I hope with the start of a new month, a new season can begin for us and the Bean.  I hope that this season of hell can end and we can begin a renewal or rebirth, and live out a healthy life filled with much love and well-being.

Good vibes people, good vibes.

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