4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Monday, August 30, 2010

Thelma, Louise & The Binky

Yesterday when I arrived to spend not nearly enough hours with the Bean, the TV in her room was featuring the movie, Thelma & Louise.  I was kind of curious if it was a subtle suggestion that the Bean try to break out of this joint, or the Bean stop tolerating all undesirable behavior toward her?!  As long as she gathered the message that it is super cool to be a strong, independent women, I'm okay with her choice of movies.  Plus, a young Brad Pitt... uhm, HELLO!?!?  Not a bad choice, my dear.

Cardiology stopped by this morning and checked on the butter bean.  They said that surgery is looking likely for Wednesday, but it's really up to the Bean.  There are two reasons that she could be postponed again:  a fever + low white blood count, not necessarily just a fever; an emergency.  But as of now, this minute, heart surgery on Wednesday is looking likely.

The family flies across the continent yet again. Too bad I can't accrue frequent flier miles based on days spent in the hospital.  Our first stop when we finally get medically cleared, is a weekend at the super nice hotel at the beach. This family needs a mini-break, fur-baby included. Bring on the crab dinner.

It's become increasingly clear that there is one thing we can never be without, the binky. Andi Bean loves her pacifier, has since birth.  Since she doesn't yet bottle, this is a great sign that eventually she will.  But, in the meantime, it's one thing that really calms her down from a hissy fit.  So, maybe she'll soon break out of this joint, strutting her new found independence.  Just be sure she packs the binky, and no one will get hurt.

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  1. Ya stock up on those Binky's now I sweak I had like 10 at one point and now we're down to 3. If I have a lot of them I don't feel bad about throwing one away when it falls on the ground and I'm being a psycho OCD GERM FREAK! Crossing my fingers that Wednesday is the day for the Bean!