4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Reflections!

Happy VD ...
..."Avoid The Clap!"  *hearing my Mom snicker!*

I hate Valentine's Day.  I see it as a Hallmark-contrived holiday to sell more junk.  However, there are many loves in my life - and I hope to show them each and every day.  Or at least, hope they know how I feel.  Without them, I don't think I could maintain the levels of sanity my life has required.  Without them, I think I'd fall apart.  Without them, well, I think I would shrivel up and remain in fetal position for long periods of time, if not forever.  Whoa, was that dramatic enough?  So, yeah, I have many I love. 

Cory, he makes our family work.  You are the hardest working, most thoughtful, considerate, insightful, dedicated, responsible sweetheart.  You push me to be better, and I don't envy your having to deal with my stubbornness.

Andi, who melts my heart everyday and fills it full of joy. 

Maddux, my first born, four-legged fur-baby!  The best 'dogga' in the whole wide world!

My Dad, my rock.  I think of you everyday, and miss you horribly.  Consult your calendar!!!

Linda, a.k.a. Ginga, the best present this family has ever received!  Consult your calendar too Ginga!!!

My brother, the funniest person I know, and yet has the most tender heart.

Michelle, my step-sister, who inspires me to do better, as she lights up every room she enters.

My bosses, Ken & Tom... 16 years and counting!  Notice you were stuck between family & friends, as you're the best of both!  ...Shea too!

My treasured friends:  Holly, Julio, Story, Amy, Brooke, Jason & Carrie, "Twinny!" and the countless others I fail to list.  You each bring such positive energy, enlightenment, or simple comic relief -- there have been so many good times, bad times, and the laughs in between!

Thank you all for helping me, encouraging me, championing me, kicking me in the butt, or simply being a part of it all.  I am better because of you and I love you all dearly!

There have been many troubling things going on around us, as friends have had some hard times.  From the loss of parents, loss of a child, to a premature birth - living in the NICU.  Having gone through hard times myself, I feel not only gratitude for those around us, but a level of empathy I didn't have prior to enduring it myself.  I haven't always known what to do, or how I can help, but have tried to think of what others did for us when we were down, and tried to live by that example.  I have come to believe that simply being there is the best thing you can do.  I know I was a zombie during our darkest days, but I can pretty much recall every single person who came up to the hospital to see Andi. That meant the world to me.  So, it is my hope that I can somehow be effective in helping others.

It is on this Hallmark-contrived holiday that I stop to reflect on what's important to me, those I love and cherish.  So, it is with my grateful heart that I hope that you all know how vital you are to me, and hope that I can be there for you, as you have been there for me.  Oops, I can't be there now, because someone just told me they were "all done!" with nap-time. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. I consider myself a grateful "countless other"--without you in my life, even from afar, I would be missing so much love, compassion, strength and humor. Hugs! <3 Emily