4th Birthday Photo Session

4th Birthday Photo Session

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Feeding Clinic: Lighter, Dryer and Coughing...

Andi's pretty in touch with who in the room is a doctor, and she lets everyone know which one in the room she doesn't like.  It's kind of sad.  Understandable, but sad, as everytime she gets around a doctor, she gets very upset.  Today, we went to the feeding clinic at OHSU.  They weighed Andi, and she was down to 16 lbs, 11 oz's again.  However, it was deemed that she was probably a bit dehydrated based on the information gathered.  She has had a bit of a tummy bug the past few days, has thrown up a couple of times, dryer diapers, fingertip color slow to come back.  I suspected such, but didn't really think of it.  Don't know why I didn't think of that these past few days, as I could've countered it earlier.  So, today, she didn't do as great as I had hoped, but they concured she wasn't feeling well.  They decided they wanted to do a swallow study next, to see if they can push her a bit more. Sadly, they didn't get to see her eat like a champ, although she did eat and drink for them.

I mentioned to the Dr. that Andi still works hard breathing at night.  It's like her whole chest is hard at work.  It has been like that forever.  It was suggested that might be playing a role in her lack of weight gain, as she might be burning even more calories at night than thought.  So, we'll be following-up on that.  I also asked when we'd look at the bladder reflux again, to determine if and when she can get off the amoxicillian.  It was tucked in the back of my mind that bladder reflux might be something that she could outgrow.  She's been on a low-dose of amoxicillian since something odd like August 2010.  Getting off that would alleviate my need to go to the pharmacy every two weeks, which would be such a nice change!

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